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[QUOTE=euro18]So Forcefed - what helped you clear your acne? Was it just time?[/QUOTE]

Along with the above, Forcefed, I want to know specifically:
How old are you?

What kind of acne do/did you get?

what did you avoid during this 18 month time period?

What foods were you eating?

What topicals were you using?

When your skin improved...
Did your environment change any?

Did your skin care change?

Did you start taking supplements?

Did you start taking medications?

Of course, you could have simply grown out of your bought of Puberty or Adult acne. ;-)

As far as feeling guilty, I feel that one shouldn't be obsessive or feel guilty over eating foods, but they should be [B]educated[/B] about the choices they make and [B]how[/B] it affects their [B]hormones[/B].

If you followed everything to a "T", you would make the 3rd person (don't know how closely they followed this) that these diets didn't work for out of [B]dozens[/B] of former sufferers (at least 50 to my knowledge). So I'm VERY curious what makes you different from the rest of us (don't say I'll admit that acne can be caused by the wrong skin care, the wrong environment, periods of severe stress, and of course a hormornal where do you fall? ;-)


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