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thanks for all the responses.

i'm at a loss for what to do though.
it's not like i can go to the grocery store and buy a whole bunch of healthy stuff, and cook for myself three times a day in my dorm room. i have to make do with what there is in the dorm food. and if pasta's out, and the sauce they put on the meat is out, then 9 days out of 10, i'll be eating a salad, with a pear on the side.

if diet isn't the answer, then what is? obviously eating a well-rounded diet, not eating junk food. but that's what i've been doing for at least 2 months now. eating as healthily as i can for what's offered, at least.

i've been on minocycline and tretinoin for a month. and now i'm trying to ween myself off mino, because i hear that if i cut it out quickly, i'll be worse off than i was before. (glands will produce excess oil)

i really doubt that any derm i see is going to perscribe me accutane because my acne isn't disgustingly awful, it's just for me...pretty much unbearable.

i've tried proactiv, and all the silly grocery store products. they all suck.
i'm taking 3g's of b5 a week now (i was taking 10g's, but felt it was ineffective, because i was pretty much peeing it all out). i think it's been 2 weeks with that.

but still, at any given time...there's 2-3 cysts, or pimples, or cystic scabs on my face.

once every few months i'll have a day or two without acne. i have no idea why. it'll just clear up, and my skin will look great (except for a little scarring). i live for those days. it just feels so unbelievably great to walk around with my head up, without a hat on, be confident talking to friends, meeting people, talking to girls, without worrying about all those *********** red marks and scabs on my face.

i just cannot wait until everyday is like that.

and i'll do almost anything to get to those days.

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