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So with a little creativity you should be able to see that there are foods that you can still eat. Tacos, take off the cheese. Over here, we decide what we want them to put on ours, unless you have a Taco Bell or Del taco. If you do, just take off the cheese, it's that simple =) You can eat products with Rice and Corn in it. That doesn't mean you can eat burritos or fajitas because these are Wheat Tortillas (white), not Corn (yellow). However, if they serve Taquitas or Tamales (corn with beef or chicken) you can eat those. Of course you may want to double check the ingredients, because while it's purely made of corn (maize or masa) they can be cruel enough (I swear they are out to make people sick) to add wheat flour in anyway.

So load up on lots of Vegetables, Fruits, Meats (beef, chicken, seafood, pork, etc), Beans/Legumes. As for snacks, well what do you like to munch on? Go for veggie sticks, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds. You can eat (flavored) apple sauce that's naturally sweetened, Sorbet (without dairy), natural/organic popsicles, etc. You can eat Rice or Corn Cakes, but some add wheat... Of course, if you like Popcorn or Potato Chips eat those too. Just watch the ingredients for hidden wheat (it's in most foods, flavorings) and avoid those with Hydrogenated Oils. Partially Hydrogenated oil is a wee bit better than Hydrogenated oil & Trans Fats, but if you can avoid ALL of it, do so as much as you knowingly can. When you eat out at a resturant or fast food place, sometimes you can visit their website to see what they put in their foods. If not, ask the waiter or pick foods that you think wouldn't have it and ENJOY.

I still occassionally eat french fries. I know that a Medium Fry from McDonalds has 4.5 gram of trans fat, whereas before they used to have 13.5 they've cut back ;-) I usually buy SMALL from these places and I usually do this 2x a month. That's a reduction for me, I was probably eating fries (larger sizes) 4 - 6x a month, but sometimes they were of the frozen variety. When I eat out resturants and I know they have good fries, I eat those too. The thing about fries is the Trans Fat, and some of them could have Batter. Usually, it's pretty obvious if they have batter, and as for the fats it's best if they are cooked in Whole Unaltered Oils that are stable, but few places do that. When it comes to topics like this, it's your own personal decison, but be aware of HOW it may impact you.

So you KNOW all the dont's, but just like you shouldn't pile on all the GREAT acne fighting topicals, you may not want to jump into a "Perfect" Healthy Diet too quickly. Depending on your Resources and Will Power, the best way to do this is [U]slowly over time[/U], especially if your finances, environment, or schedule doesn't permit you to completely overhaul everything. That way, you can work toward results but not feel restricted and give up, when you have a limited food selection. Eat Fresh foods, Raw Foods (nuts, fruit, etc), Baked Foods, Grilled Foods, and when it comes to Fried foods, take the batter off, if you must eat it.

What I will say is that [B]if you start avoiding something 100%, you need to permanently avoid it.[/B] That means you can't eat wheat products period, but if you are only avoiding Dairy a little bit, take the dairy if you're really hungry. This is actually how you will figure out what foods really aggrevate your body & increase those hormones ;-) There MAY be times when you will weigh one "evil" over another and I would avoid the one that causes me the most damage. Unfortunately, sometimes that can be a bit confusing too.

Take me for example, I KNOW wheat is a BIG avoider for me, but Soda & Peanuts give me cysts too. If I eat certain kinds of Candy and Chocolate Candy (probably the ones with Dairy, Hydrogenated oils, & processed/added sugar) not only will my teeth hurt, but I will get tiny persistant Neck Acne! So while Neck Acne is tiny, it's also on my neck and hard to get rid I just don't eat it...any of it ;-) Of course, no one likes cysts because they can leave marks, right, so I don't eat that either ;-)

Hmm, that's the other thing....if you avoid something 100% that CAUSES problems for you and start eating it again, even sporadically, you will usually breakout. Those breakouts MAY be more [B]Stubborn[/B] or [B]Worse[/B] then your "normal" acne. So that right there is why others, including myself, say that it could hurt you if you "fall of the wagon" and that's why I encourage you to slowly avoid foods, one at a time even. You can survive with your Dorm food if you are only avoiding Wheat/Gluten. You can probably get away with eating less dairy products. However total elimination of Dairy and Hydrogenated Oils is probably not feasible in your [B]current[/B] environment. In fact it's not feasible for most people living in a Conveince world, doing so requires more resources than you may have access to right now. Yet it doesn't mean you can't try. I think that you would be happier with 90% - 100% clear skin AND a few days with acne rather than your current schedule, right?

Oh and of course right now your skin is clearing, that's the beauty of antibiotics. However [B]while they are inhbiting your inflammatory reactions, some of them are also increasing your DHT levels. [/B] This is why you may have heard people say that they breakout more or WORSE than before they were on the antibiotics. If the antibiotics didn't give you an internal yeast infection, then your sebaceous glands are finally free to respond to that increase in DHT! I've had first hand knowledge of this phemonemena and it rendered my Birth Control and Spironolactone near useless (which is how I got here today so it was sorta positive). Therefore, even out of desperation, I would NEVER take antibiotics because they don't eliminate anything and certain ones like Minocycline and Tetracycline are secretly increasing your acne inducing to mention causing your body to become resistant!

Since you are taking it now, you have 2 choices. You can keep taking it AND change your diet for the better. Then after another month or 2 stop taking it. These aren't long term treatments anyway. Hopefully your diet will have reduced your (increased) production of DHT, etc so that your body won't be responsive to it. Your other option is to stop taking it now and change your diet, otherwise you can't fully monitor whether your diet is helping your skin or not.

If you decide to stay on antibiotics then you need to reduce your fruit consumption. Actually just make sure that you are eatng MORE Vegetables than any other food. Essentially ANYTHING you eat your body can turn into Glucose, so sugar itself isn't the problem but the [B]amount[/B] and sometimes the type of sugar. There's more to that, but to keep it simple, make sure you are eating more Healthy Carbohydrates than you are Protein and Healthy Fats.

Remember, [B]Glucose, Protein and Fats are the buidling blocks for the human body[/B]. So it makes sense that you want [U]Quality Foods [/U] with lots of nutrients and no ADDED hormones (beyond the norm for animals, plants), pesticides, etc in your body. It makes sense that you [B]don't[/B] want Denatured or Altered Proteins or Fats in your body. Sometimes your body can manufacture the proteins, enzymes, hormones it needs despite the above, and sometimes it can't. As a result, sometimes it will produce [B]defective[/B] enzymes, etc that work [U]very poorly [/U] or [U]not at all.[/U] That right there is the basis for a lot of complications, explanations and theories, but none of that matters as much as achieving the results ;-)

You are going to hear a lot of things, but only you can decide what is feasible at the moment. Most of us that have vastly reduced or eliminated our acne are following very [U]similar[/U] diets, but we aren't all eating the same [B]Quality[/B] of Foods (Organic Vs Commercial, Refined vs. Whole Foods) We aren't all [U]preparing and cooking[/U] our foods the same way (Raw vs cooked, Sprouted/Ripe vs. Unripe). Depending on [B]your[/B] body's [U]tolerance[/U] levels and [U]liver[/U] functioning, that right there can make a difference between 95%, 99% and 100% clear, but that's still [B]better[/B] than 50% clear, right?

Also, some of us also have more customized diets where we have personally discovered certain other foods to be problematic for us. In that respect you should take that info and file in the back of your head until one day you reach a plateu or realize you are breaking out again and can't figure out why. The only other advice I can give is to also keep a food diary, in case you need something to refer back to and see if those [U]extra[/U] foods are still in your diet. Otherwise, shop at a grocery store or online for certain foods, learn to read labels, and ask questions. If you do all that, which should be like second nature, I know you CAN do it. =)

Best of luck

P.S. Find a GOOD [B]Acid-Alkaline Diet[/B] List. With the exception of the meat, everything on the Acidic list is what most of us are avoiding. I suppose that 75% Alkaline and 25% acidic would actually be correct when I compare my diet to this list.
where to

what does my dorm offer for food?
all day long, they have pizza (cheese, pepperoni...etc), pasta, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, salad (with sides of carrots, raw brocolli, cucumbers, tomatoes...etc), cups of fruit (peaches, pineapples, melons...etc), actual fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, and pears), and an array of fresh cookies and cakes. (it hurts me to walk by those each day without picking one up)

in the morning they offer scrambled/boiled eggs, waffles, pancakes, cereal, lots of fruits again. typical breakfast foods.

at lunch and dinner they'll offer random stuff. lots of beef or chicken dishes with different sauces. sometimes tacos, or meatloaf, or lasangna...etc. it just depends on the day and the time.

the other places my campus has to eat?
i have stuff called "munch money," and there's places like Subway, and Dominos where i can use that money. but the places are limited, and aren't that healthy. there's also a few convenience stores on campus, but they're just full of pringles and snickers and condoms. nothing nutritional in them.


as i said i've been taking minocycline for the past month. 2 x 100mg per day. i was perscribed to take it for 3 months (not by a derm, by an assistant doctor that my parents know...who works with a lot of acne patients, and says that if i was to see a derm, that's exactly what they'd perscribe me). but after reading a lot about it on here...i read that if i take it for 3 months, and then suddenly stop, i'll breakout really bad, and have more oil. so i should slow down my dosage over a few months. so what i'm doing now is taking 100mg once per day. i'm planning on doing this for another 3 weeks, and then 100mg every two days for another month.

meanwhile i'm using tretinoin every other night. and i'm planning on keeping this up because i haven't heard of any awful negative effects.


all these people on here talk about breaking out when they eat this, and not breaking out when they don't eat that...etc. but for me, it's not breaking out. at any given time i'll always have between 2-5 spots (scars, new pimples, healing pimples...etc) on my face. the rest of my face will be remarkably clear. but when one goes away, another one will pop up in a different place. and i'll always have been 2-5 spots. it's just a never ending process.[/b]
if it's really my diet's that's causing my acne, how do you explain that?


i rarely eat fast food, and i haven't had a history of doing it in the past...yet i still get acne. i don't understand how walking to mcdonalds and eating there instead of a dorm is going to help my acne. let alone my diet. maybe a salad? but the ones they offer there aren't as healthy/good as the ones in my dorm.

i did however, used to live off digornio pizza. but i haven't had pizza for a long time now, and i haven't had it on a regular basis for a Long LONG time.


everything everyone here says contradicts what everyone else says. who should i believe?

what do i do?
my life would turn around 180* if my acne were to go away.
and especially if i were able to eat what i wanted without getting acne.
Eggs are not dairy products. However sometimes people put milk in them and so if you are avoiding dairy, then you will have to ask if they use milk. However Eggs on the Paleolithic Diet a no no, unless raw. I eat eggs occasionally, but I don't know 100% how eggs effect me and only [B]you[/B] can find out [U]how[/U] they effect you.

Otherwise, the information that Prometheus, I, and others have given you is pretty much the same:

No Dairy,

No "sugar",

No Bad Oils

No Gluten Grains (eat GF sprouted or not) OR No Grains

(No Peanuts)
(No Bananas)

HOWEVER, only YOU can determine how sensitve you are to the above. Since you are taking all of those Supplements, you probably won't react as much as you would if you weren't taking all of those and Mino. [B]Sometimes[/B] Medication and Supplements will let you eat certain foods that normally [B]would [/B] be a problem for you....and sometimes they can't.

Usually, after you've eaten a culprit food, it takes 3 - 7 days before you have a breakout (amount & type varies). Of course, it may come sooner or it may come later...that depends on the AMOUNT & FREQUENCY of consumption.

What I meant to say about Minocycline is that It will NOT eliminate your acne. Eventually your body will become resistant and you will have to stop anyway. Whether you are resistant or not, once you [B]stop[/B] taking it, [U]your acne WILL return[/U]...because you have acne and an antibiotic will NEVER change that.

This is actually true for any method you choose to cure your acne, except that other methods are working to balance hormones and/or working as Anti-Androgens. Where as, certain antibiotics, like Mino, are Anti-Inflammatories, but they are "secretly" [B]increasing[/B] your DHT levels. DHT can do a lot of damage to our follicles, which is probably WHY some of us breakout WORSE than ever once we stopped.

So your goal, I hope, is to choose a LONG TERM SOLUTION that is not only [U]effective[/U] but [U]safe[/U] and more [U]cost effective [/U] in the long run. For more of us, that answer was changing our diets. We ALL have to eat, so we might as well eat right, right? Since you are currently using several methods:

Topical Anti-androgen (retinA),

Oral Anti-Inflammatory (Minocycline),

B5 Therepy (fat metabolizer, Insulin sensitizer, indirect anti-androgen...How long have you been on this?)

Flax Seed (Anti-inflammatory, Hormonal balancing, Insulin Sensiziting, anti-androgenic....Omega 3s do these things. How long have you been on this? Flax can break some people out. Others can't conver Flax Seed and choose Fish Oils instead.)

Hormone Balancing Diet (what are you eliminating?)

it may be a bit hard for you to see whether a Healthy hormonal diet is helping you are not. I suppose a big clue will be if you acheive clear skin while you are still following the above Treatment Regimen. Of course, the BIGGEST clue will be once you STOP using the above, and continue with your Hormone Balancing Diet....with no new breakouts =)

Also, did you mention wieght loss? Well B5 is known to cause weightloss and so will your diet. The only way to prevent this is to eat more of the Right & Safe foods. Since you are supplementing with a Calcium Formula, you can eiliminate all forms of dairy, that you are aware of at least. If you choose to stress over it, that's your deal...I wouldn't. Eliminate as much dairy as you knowingly can. If you want, keep a food diary of questionable foods to look back on if you've still got sporadic breakouts and you can't trace the culprit.

Otherwise I don't know what to tell you. Eat the Hamburger, but not the bun. Don't eat the cookie. No Soda, (No Caffiene), No NON-100% Fruit Juices, No Gatorades & Sports Drinks (unless you [U]must[/U]), No Refined Drinks. Drink Water 90% of the time. If you can't do this instinctively, then there's still [U]something[/U] in your diet that has you attached to sugar.

Now, either go grocery shopping or go out with more of your friends (or pick up and take back to dorm) and eat at resturants for more [B]VARIETY[/B] so that you don't starve, give in, and eat something that's much [B]worse[/B] for you and your skin ;-)

Good Luck

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