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I was wondering what effect, if any does Marijuana and alcohol have on accutane and my body.

I smoke marijuana and I dunno if I should quit for the period of my treatment or not.

Same with alcohol, I know that the liver is being worked on accutane so all toxins should be avoided. I am really gonna try to quit drinking for this treatment to be safe.

Is it neccessary to quit both to avoid harmful effects?

can I use them in moderation?

I really don't wanna cause more problems down the road. thx.
I'm not sure about how the 3 interact, but I do know that marijuana use and alcohol consumption can actually contribute to [b] more[/b] acne. Is it really worth it? [img][/img] If I were you, I'd just quit and see how the Accutane goes by itself. :)
That would be the common sense thing to do, and I will try and do it.

Stopping Drugs and alcohol will be hard, but overall health is more important.

My friends gimme a wierd look if it say no I don't want a beer, or any marijuana. I don't really feel like telling everyone I am on Accutane.
[quote]Originally posted by CrazyJoe:
[b]My friends gimme a wierd look if it say no I don't want a beer, or any marijuana. I don't really feel like telling everyone I am on Accutane. [/b][/quote]

Never mind their weird looks. They'll get over it. And, you don't have to tell them you're on Accutane. You can say you're trying to cut down for another reason (losing weight, focusing on school, regaining memory, throat problems, etc). You're doing the right thing! Good luck! :)

I am pretty sure that if I tell my friends I am on Accutane that they will understand, they know I have a acne problem, they can see it all the time, they know how long I have struggled with it cause ever since I met my friends in High School I had acne. The thing is all of my friends I MEAN ALL have near perfect skin. Its amazing how me, out of like a graduating class of about 150 students 4 years ago in High School I was the only one with acne. They do not know what it is like. I justdon't feel comfortable telling them that I am taking Accutane to achieve clear skin, I dunno why but I just cant.

I will strive to quit drinking, I quit smoking about a year and a half ago.

To be honest quitting smoking and quiting drinking(Done it before) are actually easy for me I think I can stop using alcohol for the treatment, but quitting marijuana is soooo hard for me. I can't seem to do it. you would think stopping cigarettes is harder than pot, well its not. for me anyway.

Do you guys think I should see a drug support centre for Marijuana use? I cant stop it, by myself.
So is the only problem with smoking marijuana and taking accutane at the same time is that they are both "depressants?" Or is there some other factors involved

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