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Proactive question
Jan 24, 2004
I have been using proactive i think for about a year maybe. I had real bad zits but i dont recall getting cysts. At first proactive dried my skin out a lot so i had to use a moisturizer. But now i get cysts all the damn time (hardly any other zits) and my face doesnt get dry anymore, it gets REAL oily. Especially if i wash with proactive in the morning, id say about 4 hrs go by and my face is pretty oily. Could the proactive messed with my skin and now i produce too much oil? I wanna ween my way off proactive because i know it doesnt help against my cysts. Well my question is, is proactive the reason my face is overly oily and i just get cystic acne and not just pimples?

Also i tried to stop using proactive before and my face broke out real bad, do u think that is just like a post breakout from stopping it? Can i stop using proactive now that ive been using it so long?

I would rather go back to having regular pimples all over my face then these huge cysts that just refill and come back in same spots over and over...grrrrrr (like a lion ) :P

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