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As for the whole smoking thing:

I know a lot of people who smoke yet have perfectly clear skin. Flawless skin. I smoke. I quit smoking for several months and my acne stayed the same as it was when I was smoking. I later took it back up because I enjoy it.

As for the whole vitamin thing:

This is an interesting concept. I too take Centrum but I've been taking it for so long that I don't really remember what my skin was like before I started taking it. I think I'll drop it for a few weeks and see what happens. I've read that iodine in over 150 mcg can cause flare ups. Centrum has exactly 150 mcg and that coupled with the iodine in foods eaten on a daily basis would certainly bring the amount consumed above 150 mcg. I know there are vitamins without Iodine. At least I think there are. Murad ([url][/url]) makes a vitamin that is specifically formulated for people with blemishes. It has A, B-complex, Zinc and probably some other stuff. I think you can only get it from the site, though.

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