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[QUOTE=prometheus]do you like vegetables? I do not take supplements but they do help if they are good ones. Any cleanse will help. The ultimate cleanse should definitely help. I seem to recall looking at this product, but I don't remember the exact ingredients. I think it is good. It probably is. Good luck[/QUOTE]

Yes, I do like most vegetables. My main problem is getting enough protein. I take whey protein powder often, which I know is dairy. I suppose I could substitute soy protein powder, but it is supposedly not as good as whey. I do strength-training with weights and follow a strict 40%/40%/20% diet(protein/carbs/fat) 6 days a week with one free day. I eat mostly oatmeal, tuna, salmon, pineapple, apples, low-cal wheat bread, chicken, cottage cheese, other low-fat cheeses, almonds, and some vegetables, occasionaly pastas and potatoes. I know some people say lifting weights makes their acne worse (testosterone I guess), but it has no effect on me. I have acne either way, no better, no worse! And I feel better when I work out! I take high-quality vitamins that I get from Vitacost. Well, I just ordered some again, and won't have them for a few days. They definitely helped before - with about a 70% improvement in my skin.

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