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Benzoyl Peroxide
Jan 28, 2004
Has anyone found that using Benzoyl Peroxide makes their acne worse?
Also, when you guys talk about using Benzoyl Peroxide - do you mean that you put it all over your face, or you just spot treat?
Benzoyl peroxide has been the only topical that every works for me without the redness and flakiness that others cause. I am on a 20%, yes 20% BP gel that is created at a lab by my dermatologist and his team. At first I was a little sketchy about it since it is such a high percentage but it works so well and I have zero irritation. I even use Clean and Clear's Dual Action Moisturizer in the morning with salicylic acid .5% and with both of those I still don't get irritated. I usually just spread a THIN layer of the BP around my problem areas at night. I have been clear for about a month with the BP, 50 mg of spiro daily, and Yasmin bcp.
I use clean & clear with 10% benzoyl peroxide and I use it to spot treat. It does help dry a pimple quicker but I don't know about putting it all over my face. That stuff can dry your skin, especially your cheeks.
I tried to use BP many times, as I heard so much about its antibacterial properties, but it makes my skin really sore. My face gets rough, flaky and covered in loads of little spots. Most times I tried BP 5%, but even when I tried a lower concentration my skin would still get irritated. I won't be using it again.
What's weird for me.. is that I used BP 10% all over for a long time, and I didn't see dramastic changes either way of good or bad.. then I started using it as a spot treatment and it actually made them scar! Hmm. I guess you could say I know longer use it!
I've read that it's the most effective treatment for blackheads, but not for other kinds of acne. I use a 10% wash once a day and it seems to help, but not clear it up completely. I'm too old to use the kind you leave on your skin, but I seem to recall it helped in my youth.
It only makes it worse when i use too high of a concentration and too much. I stick with 2.5% and it works with no irritation so i could probably even use the 5%, but nothing more. I use it all over my face.

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