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hey i don't think anyone remembers me but i was on here, id say. about a month ago trying to find solutions to my acne problems. Well i remember the first day i was on here i finally got up enough guts to go to the duane reade near me and buy the "Klear Action" acne formula i've heard about over the net.

the first two weeks i didn't see much improvement, it didn't make my skin worst though (unless i tried using it with queen helena's mint julip face mask) so i just kept using it.

It just accured to me that i haven't had any acne break outs id say in a least a week or two (and for me, thats very promising)

the texture of my skin is a little clearer and brighter looking. Nothing revolutionary, but promising.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to get rid of acne scars since mines are still very visible but it did stop new pimples from forming and thats all i was hoping for!

If you've used proactiv before and it hasn't worked for you, klear action proberbly will not work either. Because they pretty much just copied the entire reciepe for proactive and just put it in different packaging (its a bootleg basically)
but it is only about $20 opposed to proactives $40. Its a lot easier to find to since ive seen it at most major drugstores/pharmacy/shopping center type places.

It also may dry your skin out some, if it does try using it just once a day that may take care of it.

Okay good luck, i'll keep using it and tell you how my face is looking.

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