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Yes there are some brand new studies on farmed raised salmon that are alarming to say the least. You should get your hormones tested to monitor your progress, because it will heal too. If your acne is healing, then the causes of acne are also healing. With nutrition your body is healing many other things as well, and it is great to see this happen in blood test results. If you have a problem with farmed raised salmon, which most people should, then you can try sardines. They are smaller and have less toxins. I usually drown them in organic, real mustard, or garlic to make them palatable. This is not necessary to eat though. Vegan diets can be very very healthy, especially if you live in an urban environment. The only problem is meat does have some nutrients like carnosine and B12. B12 is necessary for proper brain and nervous system function. B12 that functions and is bioavailable within the human body is only created by bacteria. This is the reason why vegans tend to feel unwell a few years or even a year into a strict vegan diet, because B12 helps us feel good too. We can't absorb B12 through our GI tract like cows can. We have to eat it. Bioavailable forms are not in plants, only in meat or bacteria. HOWEVER, the good news is, if you have been living on meat you have stored a lot of B12 and most people take atleast a year before a B12 deficiency kicks in. I am one of the exceptions being that my body uses B12 quite liberally and I need it either in supplement or from food. There is a small, truly vegan population that do not have vitamin B12 deficiencies to speak of. The reason is because they grow their plants in "nightsoil", human feces.

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