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LOL, yeah it isn't easy but you can do it....or you can always make them yourself.

First of all, [B]Gluten[/B] is a protein found in certain grains (mainly wheat) and gives bread its smooth texture and rising abilities (bacterial yeast live here). Itís favored over other grains because itís sticky nature also helps breads bind together. If using GF breads, usually Xanthum Gum or Guar Gum, among other ingredients, are used to help overcome these grains gritty texture and inability to rise. GF Breads are the hardest to replace and may be an accquired taste. Iíve tried 4 brands and the best so far was a mix, but Iíve long since given up the search for sandwich bread. Yet, others have found their perfect match and considering that there are dozens of breads, mixes, and recipes to choose from so Iím certain thereís a match for me too.

[u]If you want to avoid Gluten (most of us are):[/u]
No Wheat ( kamut, triticale, wheat starch, semolina, durum, & spelt) - LOTS of varieties
No Barley
No Rye
No Oats
No Derivatives of (lots of fun here)

Now in terms of Junk food, yes these foods are considered "bad" for you, but they are also what people enjoy eating. So if you eat these Organic and Free of the above Culprits, they shouldn't cause problems PLUS you are likely to stay on your NEW diet if you can have some "fun". Not to mention, they tend to cost a wee bit more, so you will also be eating LESS of them ;-)

I know that you can get Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Hydrogenated Oil Free
PIES. Not only that, but they are also refined sugar and preservative free! They're made by [b]Natural Feast[/b] and can find in the freezer aisle at Health food stores (no longer do mail order). =( Another company, [B]Panne Rizo Rice Breads[/B] (canada, ships to U.S.), has Pies as well as a few other pastries that are Dairy Free. A 6 Inch Pie cost $6.75.

You can also get Vegan Cheescake by [b]Delicious Choices[/b] but of course this is like gourment cheescake and so it costs $28 - $33 a cake (equals out to what you'd pay per slice at a restaurant). I have no idea how it tastes (some of non GF crusts), but if soy is a problem for you....then it's out.

The same goes for Pretzels, the Yummiest snack sized pretzels I've ever had turned out to be GF (gluten free) and made from Soy. They were light and crispy and...just good ;-) They were made by Ener-G, but had Hydrogenated Soy Oil...oh well. I do believe that there's also GF Big Pretzels but I don't know what they are made from.

I know you can get GF/dairy free cookies. You can even get GF/Dairy Free/Hydrogenated Oil Free cookies, but the ones I had were made from Oats. There's debate about oats (containing gluten) and I don't consume oats anymore myself now.

I know that you can get GF & Dairy Free Macaroons, the ones I found were [B]St. Julian Macaroons[/B]. I'm sure there's others cuz these are a bit pricey. You could make these yourself and use no dairy or a dairy substitute like Soy, Rice, or Potato milks. The flours they used were either Coconut or Almond flours.

Indeed, You would have better luck if you allowed Hydrogenated Oils, but for this example these are all Regular Fat or no fat, but [U]avoid Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Dairy, and Gluten[/U]. Some avoid even more such as nuts and eggs. The majority below use[U] pure wholesome ingredients[/U] and some actually specify the use of Brown Sugar or Pure Cane juice! This list includes:

[b]Sweet Stuff[/b]
Kettle Valley - Real Fruit Bars

Orgran - Fruit Bars, Fruit Chews

Mrs. Mays Ė various (organic) Nut or Seed Crunch

Imagine - Rice Ice Creams (no carob flavors)

[U]Cloud Nine Confections[/U]- Dark Chocolate, Almond Dark Chocolate, Orange Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Espresso Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry Dark Chocolate (hint...pure dairy free, etc. Dark Chocolate)

Tropical Source - All Tropical Source chocolates and baking chips

Chocolate Emporium -Specializes in Dairy Free Confections, but also has plenty of GF confections.

[B]Energy or Protein Bars[/B]
Omega Heart Smart - various Nutritional Bars

Alpsnack - Energy Bar

Nature's Path - Berry Crispy Rice Bars, Peanut butter Crispy Rice Bars

Gluten Solutions - Mint Chocolate Chip Bars (with or without extra protein)

Aunt Candice - Berry Breakfast Bars, Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars (w/ or w/o extra protein)

Ener-G Foods - Granola Bars (no oats)

Wallaby - ALL GF Bars (w/ or w/o extra protein)

Nutiva - various Organic Nut & Seed Bars

Creme De La Creme - various Organic Seed Bars

[B]Cookies, Brownies, Cakes, etc[/B]
Banducci & Daughters - Angel Kisses cookies

Glutano - Apricot Biscuits, Ginger Cookies, Shortcake Rings

Ener-G Foods - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Glenny's - Chocolate Chip Merenguies

Schar - Fantasia Sponge Cake

Kinnikinnick Foods - Lemon Poppyseed cookies, Black Forest Cookies (donuts, Muffins, & other cookies use Vegetable Oil shortening)

Creations By Krisitin - Cinnamon Swirls

Mr. Ritts Bakery - Select Fresh baked GF & Dairy Free products

Pamela's - Most GF Pamela Brand Cookies, Ultra Choclate Brownie Mix

Aunt Candice - All Gourmet GF cookies, Mixes

Gluten-Free Pantry - Chocolate Chip Cookie/Cake Mix, Light & Luscious Angel Food Cake mix, Daneilla's Decadent Chocolate Cake mix, etc

Dietary Specialties - Brownie Mix

Really Great Foods - Golden, Chocolate, Lemon Poppy Seed, Aunt Tootsies Fudge Brownie, Cinnamon Bread, etc mixes

Cause Your Special - Golden Pound Cake Mix, Homestyle Pie Crust Mix, Pancake Waffle Mix, etc

Authentic Foods - Pie Crust mixes

Glenny's - Soy Crisps (10g of protein)

Glutano - Crackers

Schar - Fette Croccanti crackers,

Glutino - Preztels (soy shortening?)

Ener-G - Seseme Pretzel Rings

Edward & Son's Brown Rice Snaps - Most Flavors are safe.

Blue Diamond Co-op - Flavored Nut Thins (taste better than Edward's crackers)

Kinnikinnick Foods - Tapioca Rice Bagels (vegetable oil shortening?)

Gluten Free Pantry - Waffle Ice Cream Cones

Cerrono - Waffle Ice Cream Cones

Barkrat - Ice Cream Cones (use dairy free Ice cream, sorbets, sherberts, ices)

*Shortening can have Partially Hydrogenated Oil, I don't know if the above do or not.

(some mixes require Dairy, Eggs, or Oils)

Road's End No-Cheese Cheese Products - Penne Pasta & ChReese, ChReese Dips, ChReese packets (no soy)

Spectrum Naturals - Organic Shortening (50/50 saturated & unsaturated palm oil)

Canoleo - Caneleo Soft Margarine (100% canola oil)

Vance's - DariFree Breverage in Regular or Chocolate

Ener-G - Lacto-Free Breverage, Egg Replacer, Soy Quick Breverage

Allergycare - Whole Egg Replacer

Orgran - Egg Replacer, Fat Replacer (don't know what is used)

Kingsmill - Egg Replacer

*Nut milks, Soy Milks, Rice milks and even 100%/OrganicFruit juice can be used instead of Milk.

**Applesauce can be used instead of oil, maybe even butters & shortenings

***Whole Flaxseed grounded can be used instead of Eggs (get an Egg-Free recipe book)

I could go on... [b]There are quite a few people (30% or more of population) that have Allergies, Intolerances, and/or Chemical Sensitivies. [/b] You better believe that they want to (occasionally) eat these foods and that most of these will be equivalent or BETTER than the "original." Usually these are made with Pure (organic) Wholesome ingredients and I bet you can have anything your heart desires! maybe the reason those foods are called Junk Foods is because they actually use JUNK (weird chemicals, etc)! ;-)

If you want to go this rout, there's lots of stores such as Gluten Solutions (gives ingredients and reviews) and Kinnikinnick (canada, but ships in U.S.) that sell these products, and maybe your own local grocery store, but most definitely Heath Food Stores and some Gourmet shops. Also, there's plenty of companies online that sell specifically Vegan, Dairy and/or Gluten Free among other avoidance foods. Some sell fresh baked goods and/or a collection of manufactured products. Not to mention, some offer Catalogs, sales/discounts, and Product Samplers!!!

Hope you have you fun!

P.S. Prometheus, can you check out my list prepared meals here: [url][/url] and tell me whether one of these were the company you were thinking of. Thanks

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