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I never had severe acne either, and took mino for a yr. It worked fine, only some minimal breakouts the last 6 months. My dr still gave me accutane with an almost clear skin. I actually am only taking it because my skin was extremely oily.
I took the 1st 2 months at 20mg. Now in my 3rd I'm on 40, only because I asked her to up it, she was gonna keep me on 20. But even though the oil is lessened I sometimes feel it's not completely gone, so I thought a higher dose would help.

I have no side effects other than chapped lips, which I always had anyway. My skin gets a little dry sometimes, but nothing major, and it is winter, too. I also haven't had one pimple since being on it.

My dr mentioned many ways do keep on a low dosage like taking only twice a week and so on. So my opinion is its worth it.
Hi there - I think I am in a similar situation JustImagine. I haven't got bad acne at all, in fact it looks very mild to look at my face, but it has been very persistant and I was sick of trying every other product so went to a derm whose first suggestion was accutane. Now that in itself is fairly uncommon, but she put me on a really low dose of 10mg for the first week, 20mg for two weeks after, and then 30mg for a couple of months. I am pretty small - 45kgs (i think that's under 100 pounds). The unfortunate thing is that I've only just started! It's been a week so I'm just going onto 20mg this week, but I can't really tell you too much yet, I wish I could. The only thing I have noticed is that I've had a couple of headaches, but I haven't broken out (fingers crossed) and my skin is actually already feeling really soft and smooth - all over my body, and improving on my face I'm sure.
I'm 23, so I know how you feel. I have heard of other people who a low dose has worked really well for - it really does depend on the person though. Personally I would find someone who will prescribe it for you - and if by any chance your skin does react really badly (like getting cysts) then quickly stop the treatment. After much indecision I finally decided that it was worth the risk, knowing that it could work really well, or if it went bad then I would stop. I am sure the statistics are in favour of it working for you. Good Luck with your decision! Feel free to page me if you have any other questions - or if you want to see how I'm going throughout my treatment!
[QUOTE=Ruthy]Dipofi - thank you. He took his last 10 mg. Accutance on 1-24, and his skin seems to be settling down now. He's on Cephalexin until the Accutane is out of his system, and then he'll probably go back on Minocycline - which really helped previously. Prednisone may have helped a little with inflammation, but his was soo severe it was hard to tell. He has alot of red marks, and probably some pitting from the huge cystic ones -- it'll be a while before he smooths out. We are waiting for delivery of one blue and red diochomatic bulb for home phototherapy. I think when it is your child, it is worse than having it yourself, because you just want it to go away so they can enjoy their teenage years. Thanks though, I believe he is making progress in the right direction![/QUOTE]

At least he has parents who understand what he is going through. My parents just don't seem to understand at all. I had moderate-severe acne for about 5 years before they even took me to the derm. They were surprised to find out that it was that bad. Now that I'm over age I can take myself anytime I want and get what treatments I think I can handle. Its gone from moderate-severe to mild and just plain stubborn. Getting ready to start 20mg of Accutane 15th of this month. Wish me luck!

William "Trigger" Thompson

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