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I used to post on this board and view it fairly regularly the past year. My acne was largely correlated to my level of sexual activity. I used to use a very annoying topical routine, have tried and failed on diets and was never convinced they had anything to do with (MY) acne anyway. I had breakouts pretty much daily from the age of 13 until 2 months ago I am now 26. Nothing could stop them or control them except refraining from any sexual activity. Since I discovered acne boards last february, I have read as much information i could about acne and other peoples experiences. B5 was one i truly doubted. At the time i was taking accutane 80mg. It was doing nothing at all. So I started reading all the diet Hoopla about acne, but none of it applied to my acne, regardless of how much the obsessed dieters tried to convince me they know everything. I Stopped accutane after the 6 months and pretty much accepted I would never be able to control acne to the degree that would make me happy.

Almost humouring myself I ordered B5 powder, I mean what did I have to lose, accutane couldn't even clear me for one day. With little expectation I took 10gms per day and did actually notice some improvement my first month. I felt positive. Unfortunately it became very frustrating as I continued to breakout and doubt I was getting any benefit at all. The next 2 months I noticed no changes or improvement and began feeling silly to continue taking it. My plan was no matter what i was gonna take 10 gms for 5 months. if it didn't work at least I could walk away from it with zero doubts.

So many highs and lows there was taking B5. Month 4 was pretty exciting, I just suddenly started to clear up and no more acne was coming back. What can I say I lowered my dosage a month earlier then expected and have been clear for about 2 months now. I use zero topicals, eat as I always have, and besides taking 5 gms of B5 i do nothing to treat my acne. its really amazing and beyond what i even wished for. I would have been satisfied with less

Anyone taking B5 or planning to, don't expect a quick fix. It was very frustrating and patience is truly the secret to B5. Like anything else it wont work for everyone, but my opinion is unless you give it 5 months to work, you never gave it enough time. I plan to lower my dosage again at some point but feel great with my treatment as it stands. I don't even wash my face before i go to was 13 the last time I could do that. Its also nice to eat food guilt free, these boards put constant paranoid thoughts about food into peoples heads. I don't even think about acne when I eat anymore. I am glad I never listened to those people when i knew it was not "my" cure. YOU are the one who truly knows what causes your acne.

I thought its only fair I give some progress I have had with acne back to the board which has given me such great information and really improved the quality of my daily life. Its only been 2 months being clear but I really have no reason to think the treatment will stop working. The consistency has been great. I have not posted here for a long time because I wanted to make sure I had good results to post.

Goodluck to everyone and hopefully this may help some current and future B5 users to find their cure also.


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