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What's worked for me: )

Taking Aces, Vitamins A, C,& E.
Keeping my face washed twice a day.
I take a washcloth and fill a basin or the sink with warm water.
I kneed my face with dove sensitive skin soap and the washcloth.
Rubbing pulls the skin and irritates, just pressing seems to do fine.
I use an antiseptic such as Tea tree or Witch hazel/Aloe
I use NaPCa as a moisturizer after the bath., It come in a spray- in health food stores mainly. It pulls water from the air instead of adding any oils fake or otherwise to your skin. Best moisturizer I've ever used, as anything that dries my skin contributes to breakouts. This makes your skin wet naturally, its amazing.
I drink tons of ice cold water all day.
I take hot baths at least once a day, sometimes with a cup of salt.
I take Yasmin Birth Control
When I can I take honeysuckle or Red Clover. I take Evening primrose oil twice a day.
I try to eat well and keep my liver clean.
I use a bentonite clay mask once a week.
I [U]always[/U] wash my face before bed.
Sometimes I mix dove with baking soda which is an awesome exfoliant, and gentle.

What HASN'T worked
Retin- A
(too drying)
Any chemical filled moisturizers or treatments, I.E. ANY brand names.
I don't buy anything for my face at Wal-mart basically. You can't.
I try to keep my skin as natural as possible.
The more ingredients, the more pimples.
This is just what's worked for me
Good luck!
for me what's WORKED: (clear now after persistent very mild acne)
-yasmin bcp
-50 mg of spiro daily or every other day
-st. ives sensitive skin scrub
-aspirin mask once a week
-clean and clear's dual action moisturizer
-20% topical BP gel created by my derm.
-10% BP persagel by Clean and Clear to spot treat

didn't work:
-ortho tri cyclen, alesse (worst thing possible)
-differin (didnt do anything), retin a micro (worked some but got tired of the sun sensitivity)
-all antibiotics
-proactiv (too harsh)

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