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Hey NJ ~

Don't worry about having to give up alcohol forever. Once your system is all cleaned up, you can enjoy a beer every so often. :)

Oolong tea is very cooling, but it is a bit more laxative than green tea, so watch out. :) It also naturally has more caffeine, so look for the decaf kind.

Meditation is excellent. I try to meditate whenever I can, as well as practice Yoga. Anything to calm the mind (naturally of course) is always beneficial to the body (and to increasing YIN).

Digestively speaking, eggs aren't considered dairy. They are assimilated in your system more like meat than milk. They do not cause excess phlegm to accumulate.

I hope this helps!

Hey Euro18 ~
I personally have found the "face map" to be accurate, but in all honesty I am not an actual practitioner, so I don't know if it's 100% accurate. I do know that when there is an imbalance somewhere in the body, the entire system can be thrown off track. For instance, you may have weak digestion, which in turn affects your liver and lungs (areas that are associated with breakouts on the cheeks). I believe an even better diagnosis is done by looking at your tongue. If your tongue is more red than pink, you do have an excess heat, or yang condition. If your tongue is very pale, you have an excess yin condition. We're not talking about the coating on the tongue, but the actual tongue itself. The coating is associated with phlegm, toxins, etc. Anyway, you mentioned that you believe that you have an excess yang condition, which is quite common for us westerners. Here is a list of some yin and yang foods that I have copied and posted from a website (I would list the link itself, but I don't think we're allowed to on the boards.)

Below is a generalization of the categories of foods that are either yang, yin or neutral. For practitioners who are serious in researching the topic for further studies, please consult a qualified Chinese Herbalist or Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor.

Yang Foods

Meat products
Certain vegetables and fruits - carrots, tomatoes, garlic, onions, pineapple, longan, mango, pink grapefruits
Soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, hot chocolate

General rule for yang vegetables and fruits - gold and or red colours on the inside, pungent taste

Yin Foods

Grain products
Plain rice
Plain tofu (not deep-fried)
Beans (green variety, including mung bean, bean sprouts)
Green vegetables - broccoli, sprouts, spinach, lettuce, watercress, watercross, cucumber
White vegetables - daikon, white radish, bok choy

General rule for yin vegetables & fruits - green or white colour

As a general rule, foods that tend to be yang are animal products, foods that are yin are normally vegetables. However, the yang or yin properties of these products can be rendered less potent by the methods of cooking or by combining with other foods. For instance, plain tofu can be made yang by deep-frying. Meats can be made less yang by prolonged cooking on low heat (ie. stewing). On the other hand, by deep-frying or by roasting, most foods will change to yang.

I forgot to mention teas you can drink to cool you down. Mint tea is excellent (either spearmint or peppermint). Chewing on fennel seeds would be great for you, because they cool the system, and mildly increase appetite. I realize you may not be hyperthyroid, but your symptoms (fast metabolism, excess yang, etc) are similar to what TCM considers hyperthyroid. Try typing "chinese herbs" or "TCM" and "hyperthyroid" in your search engine. You'll find more examples of cooling herbs that you can take, some of which can help slow metabolism safely.

Hope this helps!


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