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[QUOTE=Crossbow]Just wanted to add that for those of us who can't eat wheat for whatever reason (gluten intolerance or allergy) sprouted wheat and spelt are just as bad for us as regular wheat is.

Also, fiber is important whether you're counting carbs or not, so you should always look at the nutritional information for that. Most breads only have 1 or two grams of fiber. The highest I've seen is 5. I believe the USRDA is 15 or something, but most nutritionists will say you should have at least 25.

Also ... what does this have to do with acne, anyway? :confused:[/QUOTE]

Well, where have you been hiding???? ;-)

Gluten and Carbs have to do with acne because these are what aggrevates our hormones and causes us to have acne (OR other health problems). I personally don't consume Sprouted Wheat or Spelt and I know that Celiacs also find this to be unacceptable. I was offering the suggestion to the above poster as a compromise to eliminating (wheat) bread entirely. The way it goes is:

Refined/Processed Grains - Highest of Insulin Spikes

Whole Grains - 2nd highest (generally a variety of Wheat grains)

Sprouted Grains - 3rd highest (?)

Gluten Free Grains - Low Insulin Spikes (even if refined or sprouted)

NO Grains - Lowest of Insulin Spikes

Most of us have found that we need to go [B]Gluten Free - No Grain [/B] in order to get 95% - 100% clear skin. Then if we aren't 100%, we find that by eliminating one or ALL of the below foods:

ALL Dairy
Hydrogenated Oils
Cashews, Pistachios (maybe mangos)

There's a few other options, but usually that should do the trick =)

Of course Fiber is VERY important. I just didn't want this poster to count the fiber as part of his (?) Daily Carb load, otherwise he'll be eating a few less carbs than he really can ;-)

You're a Celiac, so what exactly are you doing for your acne? I asked this on another post, so I'm curious as to how it's helped your skin. I know some people that discovered they were Celiacs eliminated Gluten and their skin improved. Other Celiacs found that they had to eliminate Corn as well, before they got clear. So what are you experiences?

Hey there, Prometheus asked some good questions, but I was wondering if you could [U]explain[/U] to us what you mean by "worse." How long have you been avoiding wheat and how long has your acne been worse? Can you describe in what way it is worse?

From my own personal experience, if you eliminate a food item, you MAY start to notice your acne is worse/more stubborn if you are eating [I]something else[/I] that is problematic for you. Also, my acne will be more stubborn (lasting weeks) if I happen to I don't.

Another possiblity is that you are now detoxing. This doesn't happen to everyone, but I've heard of others that altered their diet and also broke out for a little while. What you can do to reduce this is add some fiber into your diet. You arent eating Wheat, and you aren't eating many vegetables therefore you must take a Fiber Supplement AND increase your vegetable intake. I think for detoxing purposes you want to increase Insoluble fiber, right Prometheus? Yet you can get that through veggies or just buy a supplement that contains Insoluble (and soluble) fibers.

Also, can you tell us, what foods exactly you are avoiding? So far I've got:

Dairy (but eating some butter)

Is that correct?

What are you replacing those foods with? What are you eating now? (well before you went back to eating wheat)

[QUOTE=prometheus]Yes but what are the other ingredients in the millet bread? The millet flour could be just as refined, nutrient stripped, processed as wheat flour. It is better because it doesn't have gluten, but who knows what else is in it and if it is eaten in abundance, then it could be a problem. It doesn't matter now though if you are going to go back to a more balanced diet. The foods I avoid are the ones I had to eliminate to get clear. What I wonder about is if the elimination of these foods is what I needed to get clear or what I needed to build the nutrition back into my body. Regardless, I avoid these foods:

Dairy in anything
Gluten in anything
Cooked eggs
Grains: gluten containing, processed, refined ("White"), or enriched
meat: luncheon meats and nonorganic meats.
vegetable oils: heated, refined, or hydrogenated
sugar: sucrose, high fructose corn syrup
caffeine except green tea, alcohol

What I do eat is more fruits and green vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds. Though the nutritionist who did my live blood screening yesterday disagreed with me. He was like "you need to eat more green vegetables." I was like "Hey Doc. It's all I eat" and then he said "That's not what your blood is telling me". Which reminds me, getting tests done to determine what your body needs so we can better supply it is necessary. You can do serum tests, but apparently these can be decieving. Have you ever done a live blood analysis?[/QUOTE]

Mind telling us why your nutrionist thought you weren't eating more fruits and vegetables? How often do you eat vegetables again? 6, 8, 10x a day?

I was surfing last night looking for sources of Dairy-Free Calcium and I had several "Duh" moments ;-) LOL, we are all concerned about Calcium loss and other nutrients, because we have been drilled that Dairy is our best source of Calcium. Funny thing is, the only reason Dairy is our best source (up to 32% calcium..[B]320mg[/B] a serving) is because our Grains have been stripped of nutrient content (some are fortified), and we usually do not eat enough fruits and, most importantly, Vegetables.

The USDA Food Pyramid, the Government, and Fast Food Industry promotes the overconsumption of grains and under consumption of fruits and vegetables. Yet,[B] Green Vegetables [/B] apparently have a much higher content & absorption rate of calcium, up to 50% ([B]500mg[/B] per serving) than does Milk. Not to mention...this is where the Big Duh came from.....[B]Where do we think Cows got that Calcium From anyway??? [/B] LOL, well we know they aren't drinking milk (we are), so they obviously got it from nature, or from being Grass Fed (Factory Farmed Dairy cows are Corn-Alfalfa fed).

Not to mention I also learned why you don't consume much animal meat, because Animal meats (red meat?) have Uric Acid, Sodium, Sugar, and I knew about Caffeine, causes our bodies to excrete calcium in the urine. Yet, if we just eat more Vegetables, that wouldn't be a problem because they contain nutrients that help us RETAIN calcium in the body as well as providing more calcium than diary. Plus, they also contain Magnesium, Phosporus, Potassium and other nutrients we need to help our bodies utilize Calcium. The Vitamin D we get primarily from the Sun and also from Fish, or Vit. D supplement (fish oil..cod liver oil)

Here's the kicker, usually [U]everything that I haven't been consuming [B]daily [/B] [/U] is what CONTAINS calcium =0 So not only am I messing myself over by not eating enough vegetables that have fiber, but I'm also missing out on Calcium (been taking a supplement sporadically). I've recently cut out all known forms of Dairy so now I need to grab some of these highly important vegetables (Spinach, Broccolli, Kelp, Collard Greens, etc). I went to my healthfood store and picked up [I]Pacific[/I] Almond Milk (enriched) and it's the BEST I've tried yet as far as taste (very little) as an occasional milk substitute (it's more expensive than milk and organic milk). I also bought Carrots (to munch on), almost 2 lbs of Spinach (for salads) and bought fresh almonds (to munch, or in salads & rice). Yet, that's far from enough. I learned that you can obtain 210mg of Calcium from Almonds (1/3 cup), yet they also contain Oxalic Acid as do most other foods. Low Sources of this acid are found in: Kale, Cabbage, Endive, Lettuce, Turnips, Carrots, Brussel Sprouts. [B]Highest sources: Amaranth grain, Spinach, Cassava, Beets, Chives, & Parsley [/B] So, depending on how often we consume these foods, calcium absorption may not be acheived because this acid doesn't allow the absorbtion of calcium. =0

This is general info for anyone, but both [B]Oaxlic Acid [/B] (think Kidney Calcium stones) and [B]Phytic Acid [/B] are responsible for binding to Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Sodium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper, Amino Acids (and Vitamin A) so that our bodies can't absorb or utilize them!

Now we see why they've been fortifing our foods with some of these vitamins and minerals. Except Refined Grains lack fiber and Whole Grains are harder to digest and both still cause Insulin Spikes (also contain Insulin Mimickers & Inflammatory proteins). These are now more reasons to use natural acids (lime, vinegar) to break down the Oxalic Acids and to Soak/Sprout & Ferment our Grains, Nuts & Legumes to breakdown the Phytic Acid. By doing so, we release their nutrients and also allow our body to fully absorb & retain these nutrients. I guess this is why we've always had Collard Greens cooked in apple cider Vinegar (it tastes good if using the right amount). ;-) I know you do this for your legumes, but are you soaking your nuts? Do you cook using lime juice or vinegar?

Also, I apologize if I'm scaring anyone, but it really goes to show how most of us were never taught how to [B]properly[/B] prepare Fresh Whole Foods. This information can be found in many nutritional, macrobiotic and whole foods books, as well as all over the internet and in scientific & nutritional journals. Sure they've got their own problems, but [U]by preparing them a certain way[/U], those problems usually disappear ;-) This would support why acne sufferers and others are deficient in certain nutrients. This would explain, by either changing the way we prepare these foods and/or avoiding certain foods, our acne and other health problems resolving.

Say, how to you prepare your vegatables? Raw, Steamed, boiled?


P.S. So what happened after you ate "normal" food at that Italian Resturant? ;-)

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