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That's the way I kind of feel. However, I make sure I do it as carefully as I can. If it is a white head then it's easy to take care of. The cystic kinds are bigger, redder and harder to draw pus from.

Usually, I take a needle and wipe rubbing alcohol on it and carefully poke through the white head spot and squeze the pus out. Then I put rubbing alcohol on the spot for a while to help dry it out and steralize it.

About after an hour it only comes to a little red spec on that spot, but the big ones I use to get were messy and turned more red if I did anything with them (lucky I don't get those on my face anymore).
[QUOTE=Nismo]I mean cmon, what are we supposed to do? Walk around with a huge ugly white mt everest on our face? How incredibly embaressing is that. At least if you pop it and get rid of the pus it doesnt look so bad.

I dont believe anyone wouldnt pop a zit if it was all puss.y and horrible, unless they stayed out of public for a few weeks, is this what we're expected to do to avoid scarring?[/QUOTE]

How funny, I was just thinking the same exact thing! It was like you read my mind... :)

How is it that we are not supposed to pop these things on our face? When I don't pop them, they end up just staying under my skin, and forming a big hard ball of puss that although you can no longer see it, you can totally feel it! It's so disgusting! And how is that supposed to help get 'rid' of the acne? When it is still very deeply burried under your skin?
Using a needle is fine for the ones with pus, BUT alcohol is not the best thing to use to disinfect, because it is terribly drying and can interfere with the healing process. I use hydrogen peroxide, ---however---, it will turn the skin around the pimple white, so you should only do this before bedtime unless you want a big white spot on your face. You can use some benzoyl peroxide instead of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area.
If the zit is way underneth the skin, you should not try to pop it!!! This can cause the contents of the zit to move deeper into the skin when you squeeze!!! Instead, you can hold a moderately hot clean washcloth on the spot to make it come to the surface before popping it. But please wait until it's ready!!! Trying to pop it too early is what causes more infection and scarring!!!
Popping your zits creates more zits??? Damn I didnt know that :/

Not all of us have enough confidence to go out in public with big whiteheads though...
I just leave them go... i only lasts about a day and it's worth it in the end. Popping zits not only leads to more zits... but it also leads to scars. NO ONE wants that! Tho it has bin about 3 months since i had a big ol' zit that pussed! Thank you pHisoderm! But anywayz, just leave them go... a few years down the road you will be very happy you did that... I just look at my aunt and cousin's faces and it reminds me not to pop them... They have deep scars and topical scars that just don't seem to go away! So be good to your face... take care of your skin... don't pop zits... and ALWAYZ MOISTURIZE NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF SKIN YOU HAVE! Especially during thw winter months... Dry skin = more zits and oil...

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