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Re: Back Acne
Feb 19, 2004
ok after going back through 60 pages of posts here are things i found from other posts:

Head & Shoulders Plain/Orginal shampoo no conditioner, with a scrub brush

Have you tried exfoliation? Buy some sort of scrub(sugar, salt, or cleansing like Neutragena body scrub). Also get a scrubbing brush with a long handle on it so you can reach behind you and scrub your back.

i sun bath for the acne on my back I use clearasil acne medication for my back but i can't reach all the parts of my back . before i go out i put on a lot of sunscreen so i dont iritate my skin it helps a lot.

If the head & shoulders method does work for you, you should try using pHisoderm Clear Confidence face wash (not the body wash) w/ 2% SA. Scrub with a back brush and leave it on for about a minute before rising. Do this twice a day and I swear it gets rid of backne in less than a week and keeps you clear . I also have friends who have done it and it also cleared them up.

yeah i had pretty bad acne on my back, but i found herbal logix. its amazing. i got the cleanser and blemish spray. wash your back with the cleanser in the shower (dont scrub) then afterwards spray the spray on your back and let it dry. i use it once or twice a day. its great you should try it! good luck.

I have used Salac for over 10 years and it works wonders. Depending on where you live, I have found it over the counter at Drug Emporium. If you cannot find it on the grocery store shelves, then all you have to do is order if from the pharmacy. No prescription needed. Also, get the wash. They have a foam kind but I like the wash the best and use it with a back brush when taking a shower each morning. Also works well for chest, neck, etc.

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