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[QUOTE=skimom]Our GP now has an aesthetician on her staff and has gone with Cosmedix skin care treatments and products. She thinks they're very good obviously. Maybe better than my beloved Biomedic products. Has anyone tried these products? I purchased their acne supplement and a serum[/QUOTE]

Cosmedix is a Chiral Skin Care line. Actually these companies prefer to go under the name of Cosmeceuticals I believe. Anyway, I've only tried one item by them and it was the D-Oil. It had a fragrance to it that I didn't like so I stopped using it. I didn't use it very long and only chose it because it had ingredient similar to the acne fighter (which was a Dry-Lo type product).

Personally I love Chiral Products. If I'm not buying 100% "natural" skin care, then it's usually a scientifically based Chrally correct formulation. The rule of them is that because they are using either the L- or D- form of the product ingredient, it is supposed to be more effective and with less - no side effects (just like in supplements). Therefore most products tend to feel really gentle. There's close to 2 dozen companies out there now. I first discovered this line 3 or 4 years ago with a company formerly known as [email protected] I never purchased their products because I thought it was expensive and I was afraid of putting shea butter on my skin. Well I was already paying $30 for a cleanser that was good, but still stripping my skin (Sage and DDFs) so why not?

Now I use IsoCare ([email protected]) skin care products. I started with the 3 piece Skin Control system, but now I mainly use just the Cleanser. The Gel moisturizer is great, antibacterial, and decreases hyperpigmentation and encourages healing. The toner took some getting used to. It's actually really strong (don't spray it) so I only ever spot treated with it. I've been using their products for over 2 years now and the cleanser is the BEST I've ever used. It cleans, leaves my skin with a glow, and doesn't strip it. Of course it doesn't get rid of much eye makeup (unless you use more). I don't wear full face makeup so a 4oz bottle lasts me 4 months.

If you are interested in this line of products, some companies offer samples or trial packs. I know that Cosmedix used to have one and I know that IsoCare, Sircuit, and Mychelle do. After awhile, you'll notice that they all tend to use the same ingredients...but the products usually naturally smell great! So all you just have to pick a company that your skin likes best =)

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