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Myself and my new dr are convinced depo-provera BC is what caused my adult acne. I used to have very mild acne that i coulld easily control with drugstore products. At 18 i went on depo, and although I LOVED not having a period AT ALL for the 7 yrs i was on it--it was not worth it! My skin has slowly gotten worse since being on it. I tried anntibiotics and prescription products which would only work for a littlle while then id be back tto veryy oily skin and bad breakouts. i never made the connection til my new dr brought it up and i researched it. its a shame because people used to comment on my BEAUTIFUL skin--but now i have scars and it will never be the same.

i have now been on yasmin and 25mg spiro for 2 months--its a slow process, but i do notice a gradual improvement for sure that nothing else has given me. it sucks to be 25 and have to deal witth what i once thought was a problem for only teenagers. i live for the day i can leave the house without foundation to cover my skin.

[QUOTE=Genn]I doubt Ortho-evra will help with acne. My sister switched from bcp to the patch and her skin went crazy! After about 3 months she switched back to bcp, and her skin calmed down again. In fact a friend of mine who never had acne in her life broke out pretty badly on the patch.

Another birth control to avoid: Depro-Provera! I started this right after my son was born 4 years ago, and I still wonder it this is the real culprit to my adult acne woes! My friend the nurse - was involved in the clinical trials of this - she said that although most Doctors wont state it as a side effect, she has seen a huge correlation between adult acne and Depro-Provera use.

You are doing the right thing to ask around and get a lot of info about the different options before you see your Dr. This way you will be prepared, and wont just let the Dr. make the decision for you! ;)

Good luck![/QUOTE]

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