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[QUOTE=mesha690]I was recently put on Yasmine 28 this has helped my acne. It is also linked to a 5 pound weight loss instead of the weight gain that is typical of the others. I am really satisfied with it. This is the only brand that I've tried so I can't say anything else about the others. I'd ask your OBGYN about it though.[/QUOTE]

How long did it take for yasmin to work for you? I have heard a lot of sucess from this, so I am on it myself. I have heard it can take up to five months for optimal results (although usually sooner, like 3 months)...I am on my 8th week...My skin/hair is much less oily, my back acne has cleared but my face seems to go through more clear/bad breakout moments--where as prior to yasmin i had to clear moments. I'll have beautiful skin for a week or two then get the worst breakout ever--like now.

I'm going to give it 6 months though actually because its not making things worse and this is my last resort before accutane--also, aside from the fact it may help w/ acne, i do love yasmin so far and have lost weight on it as well

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