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Ortho Tri Cyclen is acually NOT the ONLY pill recognized for acne treatment at all. It's the only one that has been tested and passed by the FDA to improve acne but there are many many other pills that help treat acne the same or even better than Ortho Tri Cyclen. Yasmin is a very popular bcp that helps with acne and I think I have heard much more success from people using Yasmin than Ortho Tri. Personally, Ortho Tri Cyclen didn't work for my face at all and I didn't like how it is tri-phasic (a different amount of hormones each week you take the active pills). Diane-35 is also great for acne but Genn is right about the fact that it has a much higher risk of side effects. Others I have heard for acne are Mircette, Desogen, Ortho Cyclen, and OTC-Lo. There are so many more besides those. If you look around on the internet you can find a chart of the most androgenic bcps (most likely to cause or increase acne) to the least androgenic (most likely to help balance hormones and help acne). Every person responds differently to each pill so it's kind of a trial and error thing sometimes.

Before I ever had skin problems I was put on Alesse bcp which pretty much started my mild acne problem. After a year when I finally realized that a bcp can cause your hormones to freak and give you acne, I decided to change to OTC which didn't do anything like I said. Finally I changed to Yasmin and finally have my clear skin back with an occasional pimple that heals pretty quickly. Good luck and I would just talk to your doctor or derm. and tell them that you would like one that helps with skin but if I had to recommend one and from reading on this board, a lot of people seem to have success with Yasmin.
Myself and my new dr are convinced depo-provera BC is what caused my adult acne. I used to have very mild acne that i coulld easily control with drugstore products. At 18 i went on depo, and although I LOVED not having a period AT ALL for the 7 yrs i was on it--it was not worth it! My skin has slowly gotten worse since being on it. I tried anntibiotics and prescription products which would only work for a littlle while then id be back tto veryy oily skin and bad breakouts. i never made the connection til my new dr brought it up and i researched it. its a shame because people used to comment on my BEAUTIFUL skin--but now i have scars and it will never be the same.

i have now been on yasmin and 25mg spiro for 2 months--its a slow process, but i do notice a gradual improvement for sure that nothing else has given me. it sucks to be 25 and have to deal witth what i once thought was a problem for only teenagers. i live for the day i can leave the house without foundation to cover my skin.

[QUOTE=Genn]I doubt Ortho-evra will help with acne. My sister switched from bcp to the patch and her skin went crazy! After about 3 months she switched back to bcp, and her skin calmed down again. In fact a friend of mine who never had acne in her life broke out pretty badly on the patch.

Another birth control to avoid: Depro-Provera! I started this right after my son was born 4 years ago, and I still wonder it this is the real culprit to my adult acne woes! My friend the nurse - was involved in the clinical trials of this - she said that although most Doctors wont state it as a side effect, she has seen a huge correlation between adult acne and Depro-Provera use.

You are doing the right thing to ask around and get a lot of info about the different options before you see your Dr. This way you will be prepared, and wont just let the Dr. make the decision for you! ;)

Good luck![/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=mesha690]I was recently put on Yasmine 28 this has helped my acne. It is also linked to a 5 pound weight loss instead of the weight gain that is typical of the others. I am really satisfied with it. This is the only brand that I've tried so I can't say anything else about the others. I'd ask your OBGYN about it though.[/QUOTE]

How long did it take for yasmin to work for you? I have heard a lot of sucess from this, so I am on it myself. I have heard it can take up to five months for optimal results (although usually sooner, like 3 months)...I am on my 8th week...My skin/hair is much less oily, my back acne has cleared but my face seems to go through more clear/bad breakout moments--where as prior to yasmin i had to clear moments. I'll have beautiful skin for a week or two then get the worst breakout ever--like now.

I'm going to give it 6 months though actually because its not making things worse and this is my last resort before accutane--also, aside from the fact it may help w/ acne, i do love yasmin so far and have lost weight on it as well

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