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I need accutane!
Feb 7, 2004
I'm a 21 year old Chinese male born and living in the UK and I have had acne since 18, which I have controlled with antibiotics. The antibiotics kept my face clear until 18 months ago when I broke out severely. I've taken oxytetracycline, doxycycline, minocin MR, dalacin T, zyneryt, trimethoprim, retin A gel and cream 0.025% and currently on erythromycin.

I've got numerous hyperpigmentation patches (brown staining) all over my face and body where I've had acne. These eventually fade but look disgusting when they form. My skin gets really oily during the day and is also scattered with various small lumps, which can be seen at certain angles in certain light. Over production of sebum is obviously my problem, but I've been to two dermatologists, after getting my general practitioner to refer me to them, but they have not prescribed me accutane as my acne is not severe enough.

I want to be prescribed accutane but I get the feeling I will not be successful. It's beginning to get me down as everyone has been saying I've got really spotty. At the same time I've not had a shag since my acne came back with a vengence 18 months ago. I'm not going to be celebate until my acne goes away and given that my dad is in his 50's and still has acne I doubt I will grow out of it.

I only have two options, either I go and see another dermatologist or I buy accutane online. I'm going with the latter. It would be appreciated if some sites could be suggested where I could buy accutane from. I can afford $400 a month to buy 2X20mg boxes of the stuff. Money is not the problem, but finding a reliable source is. I know the risks of this medicine so I don't need further reminding.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your replies!

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