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hi. just wanted to give people an update on how my skin is doing (my original post from nov 2003 is below).

so it's been about 5 months since i've been on the low carb and no dairy diet and a little over 3 months on the pill. it seems to be working!!!

as soon as i started the pill i saw a difference, not a great difference but a difference in the better direction. there were times i was in such DESPAIR!!! i think it was shortly after the new year i was sooo depressed. it wasn't so much the acne (b/c it WAS better) but sticking to the low carb diet. i've always been picky eater so it was such a EVENT to figure what to eat. and then most of the time i'd still be hungry anyway. so seriously, my despair was from being so gosh-darn hungry all the time. and not knowing what to eat.

after a good long cry with my sister, i decided, screw it, i'm going back to eating SOME carbs. i haven't gone too crazy. occasionally i will have a vegetable WRAP (the wrap part being what i shouldn't eat before) and a slice a pizza. interestingly, my acne did NOT get worse (although, i do notice in increase in oil when i eat "bad" food). so i'm thinking the birth control and somewhat better diet is truly helping.

i went to an endocrinologist a few weeks ago. she said the pill takes from 3 - 6 months to help acne. so i'm at that 3 month period. and my skin is good. not great, but VERY good. i'm making an effort to learn to cook new things. i'm also creating a weekly menu for myself b/c it's the only way for me to really stick with the low carb diet.

i know many people have debated food being an acne culprit. i think for some people, it is just food. for others, like me, it's a combo of food and hormones.

anyway that's my update. i'll give another in a few months.

btw, i strongly believe that having a better diet can help acne and i've noticed many people have the same prob as i do (what to eat?!?). so i'm working on a recipe list. when i'm done with it, i'll try to post it somehow.

hello. just wanted to share "my story" with diet. i appreciate any feedback and words of encouragement. i'm 27 y/o female, 5'4", 110lbs and have had mild to moderate acne for the past 10 years (mostly moderate acne the past 5 years). i've tried anti-biotics, topicals, accutane (twice) on and off for the past 10 years.

i started the no simple carb diet in October 2003 (i eliminated bread, pasta, white rice, and simple sugar foods which is what i used to eat a lot of). first of all, it is SOOO hard to maintain this diet. i'm semi-vegetarian (occasionaly poultry only) and i've always been an extremely picky eater. so no matter how much fruit, nuts, and vegetables i eat, i always feel unsatiated.

the one thing i noticed after a couple weeks on the diet was the my SUPER oily skin was actually DRYER. my skin did clear up a bit too and so at the time i thought i had found the cure! of course, nothing is that simple

after two months on the diet, although my skin remained much less oily, i was still breaking out pretty bad. so i decided to go back on the pill (ortho tryclyin). this seems to be working in combo with the diet (i have been on and off of the pill over the past five years but always had a lousy diet so it never seemed to help). since starting the pill the acne is been very, very mild, not the usuall large, red painful, pustules i used to get.

this past week, i had the flu and the only thing that was easy on my stomach was "white flour products" and so i was eating a lot of bread and saltine crackers. after about a week on eating crap (that's how long i was sick for) my skin did get oiler and i started getting a lot of small pimples. so i'm trying to "cleanse" my system again, but it's so hard...i really love bread!

so i definitely think there is a connection btwn acne and simple carbs.

the main problem i have with this diet is the weight!!! before the diet i was about 120lbs which is still pretty underweight for 5'4'. now i'm about 110lbs. i would like to try those weight gainer drinks but they are full of crap that would probably bring back the acne. i tried eating high fat "healthy foods" like nuts, avacados, olives, but that's not working. if anyone can suggest something that would help me gain weight but not aggravate the acne that would be great.

does anyone know if there is a connection btwn low weight and acne? i've always been kind of underweight. i thought i read somewhere (maybe on the message board) that a low fat diet and low weight could cause acne. if anyone has any info on that, it would be greatly appreciated.

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