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Ok I lied. On any restricted or specific diet regimen you [i]will[/i] lose weight. So it doesn't matter if you are cutting out carbs or fat restricting or protein restricting or cutting out specific ingredients. You will still lose weight. Now for gaining mass, when you lose weight the contours of your body and the muscles that are already there will show through. People don't need to work on their abs as much as they need to lose abdominal fat because once the abdominal fat disappears they will have the "ribbed" look. The thing is you want to lose weight and not lose muscle. In order to do that you need carbs. Now, if you are body building as in gaining muscle then yes you need protein but I still don't think it is the most necessary thing. Carbs prevent you from burning muscle when you excercise.

The problem here is that you also want to use diet to get rid of acne and you cannot do both. Why? Because you have to lower your protein intake, you have to eat more vegetables which are too low in calorie, and you need to eat more fruit, while removing the offenders and cleaning the liver. You have to rebuild minerals and you can't be excercising and lifting weights (and eating a lot of protein) while you do this. The reason people get acne (I think) is because they have nutritional deficiencies and accumulated toxins. Your body views muscle building as expensive in nutrients and it depletes minerals that you need to be putting back in.

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