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Thx for your helpful replys prometheis, ya ive been watching my overall eating (not atkins), i don't like too many vegitables, but i do eat salad like everyday. I eat a lot of protein because im weight training, ive lost 50lbs and gained a lot of muscle mass in the past 6 months, still gaining. That is why I am eatign so much protein. Could you tell me some vegitables that are good in protein? I mainly eat chicken. Can your face break out due to not eating enough of certain foods? Ive been on my "lifestyle" change for about 4 months. Soda, candy, etc were just the main things that I know where affecting my weight, and assumed since they were full of sugar then that would also help my acne.

I'm new to all of this stuff related to weight loss and acne. Could you give some examples for stuff that I should eat that will help me in my weight loss and mass gain, but also my [b]acne[/b]. I figured that eating chicken all the time would be okay...once again im a newbie to all of this. I read all these threads on what to avoid, hydrogenated oils, gluten, etc. Its all jargon to me.

I do eat bread sometimes, with turkey sandwiches, or my chicken sandwiches, should I avoid bread totally. Grrr theres just too much I don't know and its so frustrating. I also don't drink milk like i use to but somtimes eat cereal. I try to watch my carbs too. LoL, its like I need my own personal assistant to tell me what to eat to heal my acne, and also help me stay pumped and losing them lbs. :confused:

Thanks a lot homie :)
DFW...I'm not a "complete expert" with diet like prometheus and sweetjade...but I can point out things that I see in your diet that could definitely be affecting your progress. First of all..I have read throughout the boards that weight lifting/training (I'm a female, so not very accurate on what the terms are) is a no-no for acne, and furthermore, many body builders have acne due to this. Also, you say that you eat sandwiches every now and then. Bread is generally not on the acne safe foods list (with some exceptions to SOME people..but very few...for example whole grain breads etc for people who can tolerate them). Secondly, you say your eating turkey or chicken on these sandwiches, is this "lunch meat" turkey and chicken? Because lunch meats are cured meats meaning they are also out. You say that you are low carbing, but you really don't need to low carb (or most people don't), they just don't take in the "junk/refined" carbs, but they do eat tons of fruits and veggies, which both contain carbs. You also mentioned eating alot of chicken, why don't you try including some fish sources in your diet such as wild alaskan salmine, mackeral, and sardines (canned in water or olive oil). Or try adding nuts and seeds to your diet. I know that myself and a few others I know can not tolerate large amounts of meat during the week without breaking out (but many people can, I guess we are just exceptions lol). Another thing that I noticed was that you said that you eat cereal occasionally, but how often is occasionally? Milk and cereal (again with exception to a few people who can tolerate specific cereals) are both off of the "safe" list. If your eating this for breakfast, why not try either fresh fruit, fresh vegetable or fruit juices/smoothies, or a gluten/wheat free hot cereal such as quinoa flakes topped with ground/crushed almonds or fresh fruit? Lastly, you mentioned that you eat a salad practically every day. Salads are NOT a good source to get your "vegetables and greens" for the day from, and are generally not that great unless you have added spinach leaves and other good vegetable toppings to get the servings that you need. Are you putting any salad dressings on this salad? These are generally not acceptable for most people either. I would try looking up natural salad dressing recipes, or top it with olive oil. These are all just a few suggestions regarding your post, hope they helped some! Like I said, I'm no expert, just a fan of Prometheus and SweetJade's research and information :) . Take care.

Oh, and by the way, I would follow Prometheus's advice...less protein and meats and more vegetables (and fruits too!)

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