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Reoccuring cyst
Feb 9, 2004
I have had this cyst on my chin forever. It starts looking like its going away then it starts hurting and like 2-3 little white heads start forming next to it then they all get infected and form into one horrifying cyst. WHY DOES THIS CYST KEEP COMING BACK AND MORE KEEP COMING BACK AROUND IT. :mad: I'm so frustrated, my face always starts looking better and I start feeling better and then bam 6-7 new pimples next day, then comes the depression again.

Anyone know the best way to fight cysts besides prescribed meds? I don't have insurance.

Ive been letting them get to a head then putting alcohol or hydrogen peroxide with a qtip around the areas, then poking with a needle and squeezing lightly not to make it bleed, then i rub more alcohol or peroxide on it and usually follow with a moisturizer.

I can't just leave a huge whitehead on my face so I don't know what else i can do.

Anyone have cystic acne and have a good facial wash and moisturizer that have worked for them?

And one more question, the clear stuff that comes out after it is popped, is that stuff spreading the infection?

Sorry if any of this sounded gross.

Thanks everyone, and sorry for asking a lot of questions :D

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