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I and a few others have been talking alot lately about adding sugar to cetaphil to act as a scrub/efoliater. Then someone mentioned mixing baking soda with cetaphil. I typed in "cetaphil and baking soda" on google and it linked me to and it brought me to some reviews on makeupalley. Suprisingly alot of people had all ready tried this and said that it works really well and that it works better than most expensive scrubs they have tried. One person said a good amount to use is 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda for a teaspoon of cetaphil. I'm planning on trying this but I am concerned that if I keep this up when I am done with the accutane, it will stimulate my oil glands and make them produce more oil which will start me with my problems all over again. For once I know longer have to worry about the oily skin and I am currently clear. I don't won't to jepardize these things once I am done with the accutane. Does any one know if the scrubing action of the baking soda mixed with the cetaphil will cause my skin to be oily again. I deffinately don't won't that to happen!! thanks for any help!
Well doesn't the accutane sort of shut down the over-producing of oil in the oil glands? (Correct me if i'm wrong). Cetaphil and baking soda is a very gentle scrub, so i personally highly doubt it will stimulate your glands enough to make them overproduce oil again.
Hey, let me know how it goes! I have been to afraid to use baking soda, it seems like a harsh thing to be using on your skin, and was unsure whether it would react with my skin because of the accutane making my skin so sensitive. I would appreciate knowing if you think it was better than the sugar :-)
hello, although i don't think it would make your skin oily again, i don't recommend exfoliating/scrubbing in the first place. scrubbing will most likely just make your skin red and irritated, and if you're currently on accutane, your skin is going through enough havoc already. i've been on accutane and i know how dry it can make your whole body, but i would just recommend using the plain cetaphil lotion throughout the day, especially if your skin is already clear... if you are having trouble with extremely dry skin, you can try using aquaphor on your dry areas at night while you're sleeping, but i don't see what sugar or baking soda would help with.
by the way, i'm very happy to hear about your skin clearing up! accutane worked great for me and gave me my confidence back. if i were you, i'd just leave your skin alone as much as possible and not try adding anything new. your skin is already clear and most likely it will stay that way even after the accutane treatment. i've been off of accutane for 4 years and i still rarely get a pimple!

good luck,
To J54............I tried the baking soda last night with the cetaphil. I don't think I mixed enough of it in because it didn't seem to grainy but it did seem to work better than the sugar and it didn't seem to make my face as red. As for the dry flakey skin, it didn't do all too much but I am still on the accutane so that is expected. I think that if I was off of it it would work pretty well and give me smooth skin. I would just say that you should put enough in so that you get a little gainy texture but make sure that it is still sort of runny because too much could probably be bad. I must say how ever that I have only tried using baking soda with the cetaphil one time, and one time with the sugar so I can't say for sure which is the best to use. The baking soda is probably what I would go with though. Hope this helps

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