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[COLOR=Purple]hello everybody,
the only acne medication that worked for me was accutane. you have to get a prescription from your dermatologist because it is a very strong, harsh drug. it is a pure form of vitamin a, so it dries out your skin, lips, scalp, eyes, nose, everything while you take it. it also causes depression in some people. doctors normally only prescribe accutane for people with very bad acne or people whose acne doesn't respond to other medicines. the accutane basically kills your oil glands, that is why your body gets so dry. and i do mean DRY! but if your body cannot produce oil, it cannot produce acne either.

i don't know how many of you have heard of accutane. it's usually only for a last resort, but let me tell you, i had terrible acne on my face-mostly on my chin, jawline and by my mouth. i took retin-a and many antibiotics from my dermatologist and they didn't work. i took accutane for 6 months (you normally have to take it for 5 or 6 months) and my face was clearer than ever. that was 4 years ago. and i still rarely get a pimple. when you first start taking accutane, your face gets worse, but after about 2 months, my face started clearing up, and at about 4 months, it was completely clear. you just need alot of patience, chapstick and body lotion. my face has stayed clear (i even get compliments on my skin-which i never thought i'd ever get).

my regimine now goes like this

wash face with warm water and a washcloth. let my face air dry and then apply cetaphil (sensitive skin) lotion.

wash my face with cetaphil bar soap (sensitive skin) and then i let it air dry and i just apply clear aloe vera gel. i love the tight feeling it makes my skin have and it doesn't feel greasy at all!

well, i hope some of this information helped somebody! if you have severe acne, i'd ask your doctor about accutane and they can give you more info on it. or try researching about it on the internet. it changed my life and it was the only medicine that worked for me. if you have any questions for me, please email me at [COLOR=Sienna][removed]. [/COLOR] i promise to answer your emails. i know how terrible, depressing and debilitating acne can be, i went through many years of it.


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