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This is insane. My face looks like an orange peel for crying out loud. I'm using Tazorac to control my breakouts and it makes my pores huge. I know it has to be the Tazorac because I've been using it for almost a year and I took a break from it for a couple months. My pores diminished back to normal. But the thing is, I use Tazorac on my forehead and chin. Only the pores on my forehead have increased in size. I'm lost on what to do. I could stop the Tazorac, but obviously my pores would clog again.

I bought Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser. I have no clue how this will work. Does anyone have any experience with this cleanser? And I wonder if using something to shrink my pores would even work since the Tazorac I use every night opens them up again. I also worry that the cleanser itself will clog my pores.

This really gets me down. I can't really look at my reflection unless I'm in artificial light because it doesn't look so bad. I also have some scarring on my forehead that I think is more pronounced when my pores are this big.

I know that Tazorac is used to help prevent some scarring, but will it really give me results on scars that have been there for awhile? The scars that I have, I believe have been caused by my usage of Tazorac. I had a horrible breakout when I first started using it and now I have indentations in my forehead. I started using it in March of 2003. So the scars have been there since around April or May. I can't really tell if there has been any difference in my scars since they first appeared, but if there was any improvement, it has been minimal. Should I expect to see any improvement from the Tazorac?

While I am thinking about it, since I have some scarring, could anyone give me any information about what procedures are supposed to work on these indented type of scars? And if these procedures are normally successful in seeing positive results.

I may just go out of my mind.

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