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Hey, i've been viewing this board for a while and i've been trying out some of the stuff that got a good response but absolutley nothing has done anything for the better or for the worse.
I am a sixteen year old female from the uk who has had mildish/ moderate acne for about four years. The problem used to be mainly the bumps that i get under my skin but recently their scars have begun to stay. I also get about four small pimples a week but they are easy enough to cover up and they go away quite fast. My skin takes about 2 sometimes 3 days to heal after the scab forms. Is that normal?
I have tried b5, evening primrose, cod liver oil, vitamin e-tablets and oil, zinc, dermatologica, aloe vera, zineryt and antibiotics and many chemist products ranging from clinique to clearasil.
I've been picking a lot at my skin recently and so there are many red scar all over my forhead from pulling off scabs to quickly and picking at bumps :( Its weird I only get acne on my forhead and my upper back. Does that mean that it is hormonal??
Anyway I guess the reason that I'm writing is because it is really starting to effect me emotionally. I am a very confident person at night but in the daylight when i feel exposed i become shy and quiet. I get lost in a whirl of thoughts evoling round my skin. I'm starting to think that i it will never clear up. I see little kids with their glowing complexions and i can't imagine that i was once like them with so much less to worry about. No one ever comments on it which sometimes leaves me wondering wether its quite as bad as i picture it. My friend has mildish acne and she says that she takes accutane. Should i consider this or is it too harsh :confused:
Does anyone have any suggestions what so ever about what i should do or is anyone in the same position with their acne as i am?? If so i would really like to talk to you about it all. Sorry if there is to many questions. thank-you xoxox

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