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[QUOTE=Neca]MeaganMay, we are living too cleanly and healthily. Here are the facts:

The incidence of asthma and allergies in children in North America has more than doubled in the past 20 years. This fact is only common throughout the West, but not in the developing countries.

Children who live on farms don't develop many allergies while those who live in cities have a 40 to 50 percent risk of becoming allergic to something?

Why can children growing up in Jamaica eat all the peanuts they want while Jamaican children growing up in London develop peanut allergies?

Why are more and more adults, who never had allergies or asthma as children, suddenly becoming allergic or asthmatic?

The problem is our bodies aren't not developing a balanced immune system early on. We are obssessed with cleanliness against germs, using detergents and chlorine to antibiotics and vaccines to antibacterial soaps, antiseptic nappies (yes these exist) and now DIET. Yes we experience fewer infections from the bad germs that used to kill a lot of children, but we don't encounter as many "good" germs that are supposed to teach our immune system how to grow up because we have wiped all of them out aswell.

By constantly cleaning/fasting out your system all these toxins, you are not giving your body's immune system the chance to evolve into a more advanced system. By the time these toxins enter, they are already out through the bottom door. Prometheus in about 5 years time, if you are still following your diet as you do, I can guarantee you will be allergic to many foods. How can you guarantee what you eat will be tolerated by your body? It may contain unknown bacteria and by that time your body's immune system will be too weak to react.

Eating organic only produce is quite problematic as you are not guaranteed that any of these foods have not been contaminated. Once you develop an allergy it takes a hell of a long time for it to go away. Trust me I have loads.[/QUOTE]

You bring up some good points, but you must realize that we don't live in THAT sterile of a society. I don't use antibiotic cleansers or hand gels of any sort, unlike some people (but most?). I don't detoxify through the use of supplements etc and most people don't either. I don't get sick and when I feel a slight symptom coming on...I just take a nap and it's gone. Acne sufferers already have a HIGH immune response, thanks to the high levels of IGF-1 in our systems. When I was younger, I played the sick game, ear infections and a mild case of asthma and now...none of that. The only thing I have to do to ensure that I don't get sleep. I can stress myself out all I want, but as long as I give my body time to heal (by getting sleep), I won't get sick (nor increased breakouts).

The other thing I would like to add, is that again, the majority of the people are not sterile and do not eat Healthy, even by their sense of it. ;-) Most people still eat commercial meats, fruits, Fast Food, etc. Most people take, use (and abuse) medications and certainly don't detoxify, fast, or do parasite cleanses. So while I agree that the pollution, and the poor drinking water can contribute to problems, you are forgetting a few things.

It's true, if you are never EXPOSED to toxins, bacteria, etc. you will not have a fast immune response and you will get sick and may possibley die. Most definately one should allow kids to get dirty, eat off the floor, etc. There's far too many bacteriae, fungi, and parasites for us to be concerned with, but using a moderate degree of common sense (basic sanitary and cooking practices) has helped the U.S. stave off major or epidemic parasitic infections, etc. The thing is though, no matter what you do, ONCE you've been exposed, your body already KNOWS it's attacker and will attack it whether it sees it 5 days or 50 years later down the road. The body remembers, so just because you've stopped eating something, doesn't mean that it won't respond aggressively again once it sees it.

That brings up the subject of allergies. Some say that you can train your body to accept allergens, but I don't know much about that. I personally think that all of my allergies have just transformed over the years. Ear Infections, Allergy to Burmuda Grass (distant relative of Wheat grass), Asthma, Acne, Sinus Headaches, and more Acne (hormonal balance,etc). I think everything just turned into acne, LOL. Also, I know that you can work with your body to accept certain foods you are intolerant to, but it may not work with all foods. Eitherway, I think that another reason that Allergies, Asthma, etc are RISING, is because of our crappy diets.

We have people that are not Allergic, or Intolerant, but are now Chemically Sensitive...sigh. Allergies and Asthma have both been linked to eating specific diets. These diets, similar or equal to non-acne friendly diets, are very good at boosting our Inflammation Immune Response (IGF-1 among others). We have people sensitive to Food Colorings, Preservatives, Artificial sweetners and MSG. I myself can't always tolerate eating MSG and can NEVER tolerate Aspartame (or Stevia). Both of which contain neurotransmitters that cross into my imparied Blood Brain Barrier and excite neurons that gives me headaches. So not only might I have a leaky gut, but I've got an impaired blood brain barrier and no wonder certains foods (their proteins) and chemicals bother me and others. My mother can't handle Aspartame either and we are not the only ones. Thus, it makes sense that MSG and Aspartame, among other foods have been implicated in Migraines.

To further add to the Leaky Gut Syndrome, that is blamed on Antibiotics and NSAIDS, right? Well, I used to take a ton of this stuff when I was younger. Not to mention the Asthma Inhaler for several years. Then I was poping Motrin (or Asprin) like candy for 8 years for menstrual pains (none of that now). If it's true, no wonder myself and others are sensitive to certain foods or chemicals now. To add to that, I recently heard that [U]women that take antibiotics have an increased chance of breast cancer (hear that acne sufferers). [/U] Now, they don't know if its because of the Antibiotic itself or because it made their bodies too sterile. Of course, I bet being too sterile, not only will cause bad Bacteria and yeast to proliferate, but it most definately will alter your pH & Hormonal balance, as well as weaken your immune system.

So again, while you brought up some good points, you also ignored the other aspects. Once exposed, our bodies remember. Continued exposure helps our bodies learn & remember to fight other attackers, but that doesn't mean we should just go out and jump in the Hot Zone. ;-) Food, as in whether it's [u]prepared properly[/U], it's [U]nutrient content[/U], [U]geographical location [/U] (pesticides, arasites, GMO, etc) and unfortunately [U]ingredient content[/U] (preservative, chemicals), are causing us a world of trouble. So I don't believe that those of us living in a "Civilized", Industrial, or Wesern Society are too sterile, but that for [B]various[/B] reasons (usually conveniece) we are doing things the wrong way and its biting us back in the butt. Yet, since life is all about Trial and Error, it's not too late =)

Take care

P.S. I can't believe I used the phrase "no wonder" that many times ;-)

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