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Living in a restricted diet is harder for me than anyone would think. It's not the pizza/greasy food that's everywhere. It's my reaction to it. I live with three girls... one of whom eats healthy, the other two get take-out every couple of days. I don't have random cravings, like I HAVE to go to the student center and get pizza. But when one of my roommates orders a supreme pizza, and I can smell it and see them eat it... that's when I start having issues. Livewise when the other one bakes cookies for her boyfriend, and the smell of cookies fills my house. Eating is almost a part of student life here. I go to Rutgers, and something that is REALLY popular here is fat sandwiches. This is the only place I've ever heard of that has these... basically they take every bad food and stick it in a single sandwich... such as chicken tenders, french fries, mozzerella sticks, onion rings... ALL IN ONE SANDWICH. Now it sounds sick, I know... But once you have one... OH MY GOD. It tastes SO good, and many people order them weekly. It's especially hard when you've been drinking, and you're really used to eating one.... Anyway, the temptation for me is just too close to home. Maybe if I had a meal plan, or lived with people that were more health-conscious it wouldn't be a problem. But to me, watching people eat food and being able to SMELL it IS torture, it makes me want to cry... and there's nothing I could eat that can give me the same satisfaction... therefore, I don't diet. I get stressed out enough about grades, getting things done around the house, keeping up socially... that eating healthy isn't a big priority right now.

I'm sure that everyone that eats healthier foods has an overall better health, and cutting back sure goes a long way. I'm just not dedicated enough.

Anyway, in terms of acne, I was pleased to discover a few prescriptions that worked MIRACLES. I can eat whatever I like, and still have clear skin. But for me, acne didn't appear to tie into diet anyway. So for anyone that is on a restricted diet specifically for acne, don't you worry that one day of bad eating will ruin everything? This is why I'm amazed that so many people choose this option.[/QUOTE]

So are you saying that there are no healthy options where you live? What food places are there to eat at? I'll tell ya, I'm one of the semi-clean individuals on here that manages to eat "healthy" fast food, "healthy" junk, etc and still have GREAT results with my skin. Sure I'm betting that's why I still have 1% left (some dairy and bad oils), but having 99% clear skin is much better than having 60% - 80% any day! Not to mention, it's improved my mild hirsutism (w/Spiro) and eliminated my menstrual pains. Girl, solely for the permanent relief of menstrual cramps I would have followed this diet anyway!

Of course, I've reduced my fast food, etc consumption by 50%, but I still eat there and out at resturants. There's some dieting rule out there that believes in the 80/20 rule. Meaning 80% "ALL the Right things" and 20% Splurge. Overtime, you no longer want certain things or can't even tolerate them. Sweet stuff even 100% fruit juice is almost unbearable to me now. I notice that I truly only crave sweets, when I'm hungry. I've read somewhere that [B]if you are craving sugar it is because your body is hungry.[/B] Your body knows that Glucose is Fuel, so you will always prefer SWEET over any other flavor. As we get older this preference changes slightly, but it's built into us. So as long as I'm eating regularly, the thought never crosses my mind. I'm not a sugar or carb addict, but I did believe that certain carbs were "healthy". My mother she doesnt eat bread, but she gets PLENTY of bad carbs from the candy, cookies, sodas, non-100% fruit juices she's always consuming. The reason she does so is because she doesn't eat. At work she doesn't eat Breakfast or Lunch and so on the way home, what does she pick up? Junk. It's really insane, cuz she'll eat gum in bed! My dad and I both follow some form of a "Low Carb" diet, but the only thing I've managed to get her to change was to buy 100% fruit juice more often. I will say though, she eats more fruits (cuz their sweet) and vegetables than us ;-)

So if you are addicted, the best thing to do is to shuffle your addiction onto healthier foods. You want that sandwhich, get it without the breaded stuff. You want cookies, bake your own Gluten Free Cookies or purchase some at the Health Food store or order them online (dozens of stores). If you like cake donuts, I highly reccomend Kinnikinnick Foods. I don't like cake donuts, but GF Cake donuts are awesome. If you like pasta, just purchase GF pasta. I've never been found of regular wheat pasta, but GF pasta is made with Brown Rice, Corn, Quinoa, Amaranth or other grains. I tend to favor the Brown Rice's soo good.

You want sweets, purchase Gourmet or Casein Free (milk free) Dark Chocolate. Eat tons of fruit. Eat dried fruit nuts, and seeds, instead of candy. Trust me, because I cut out certain foods, my desire to eat other foods that I normally wouldn't eat has increased. Of course thare are still vegetables and fruits that I don't like so I don't eat them, but otherwise, everything else is up for grabs! Eat carrots, pickles, olives, brocolli to munch on. The possibilities are endless. Changing your diet is a HUGE opportunity to Experiment and try something new. You wouldn't believe how many other foods are out there and how good they can taste. I bet if you got a meal plan and avoided only what was neccessary you would be better off.

Oh yeah, I was wondering would you mind sharing with us what your current regimen is? What medications are you taking?

I wish you the best either way ;-)

P.S. Note about serving sizes. When we talk about Grains, a serving is 1/4 - 1/2 cup uncooked. So usually [B]we end up eating 2x - 6x the amount of pasta per meal than we should[/B]....and call that ONE serving! Along with that, a Slice of Bread is ONE serving. So in Italy, yes they eat pasta, I wonder if it's ALWAYS made with wheat, but they eat 1 serving with their meals. So they probably eat a maximum of 6 servings a day, where as we eat between 6 - 20 servings a day (not counting the foods that contain wheat flours)

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