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LOL, Thanks Neca, cuz that was kinda tough to read ;-)

Anyway, in response to what you said to me, Prometheus is not the average person (much stronger) and I'm sure she's proud of that ;-)

Now, of course the only way your body can update to mutating bacteria is to get exposed which happens [U]naturally[/U]. This happens whether you do it intentionally or not. I for one do not take any sort of Flu or Cold shots, don't believe in it and I haven't had any problems. I don't wash my clothes in hot water and only use bleach on my whites. Yet, I've been coughed and sneezed on and I've been around everyone else that has gotten the shot, so I've been exposed.

Actually I don't have any allergies and I tested Negative to Celiacs Disease. Those were all things I was experiencing as a young child and teen. LOL, thats why I said all of that probably just turned into acne. Asthma hasn't bothered me in 6 years (there was a year that it bothered everyone in town) and prior to that 4 years. Sinus Headaches haven't had those since I was 13. The only thing I have now are hormonal imbalances (16 years), but my diet has taken care of the majority of this.

Since changing my diet, no, none of the above has reoccured. In fact, I hardly get headaches now and was able to pinpoint MSG to giving me really bad headaches. I was also able to pinpoint taking certain foods to getting specific types acne. Eliminating [B]Gluten[/B], Sugar & Diary (as much as possible) guarentees a pain free menstrual cycle. So there were many benefits to changing my diet and there's still plenty to eat. =)

I think I understand what you saying though. You feel that because you eliminated certain foods, that now you are allergic to NEW foods, right? Well from what I've heard others with Food Sensitivities say, you can't eat the same food daily, you must rotate otherwise you could develop an intolerance to that specific food. However, I bet that the foods that you are now allergic to, and that others are intolerant or allergic to, are still the [B]TOP ALLERGENS[/B] in our country. So instead of thinking about it in that form of light, why not think about it as your body telling you that you have no business eating these foods, period.

Yet, another way to look at is that once you eliminate a food, YES, you have now opened the door to [B]allow your body to TELL you what else is AGGREVATING it.[/B] Before you were constantly eating these foods and you were overloading your body's receptors to the point that it [B]reduced [/B] sensitivity to that particular food. Yes, you were still reacting physically, but overtime not as strongly or as strongly as you [U]should[/U] have been. So once you STOP eating a certain food, you've just given your body the ability to heal and normalize it's sensitivity. So if you ever happen to eat a troublesome food (or enough of it), then it will react again only.....possibly worse (depending on amount or sensitivity).

So the food game is definately about listening to your body, and if that's too hard, then people are welcome to use a Journal or take Food & Chemical Intolerance tests. I believe the results are lists of foods broken into 3 groups and one group is Safe, the other is off limits, and the other group is the one that they are mildly sensitive to(?). I believe that group is that one that they try to work with the person over time so that they can include more of those foods in their diet as well. I remember reading one womans results from LEAP and it was very similar to the foods that we are avoiding. In fact it had the bad preservatives, MSG, colorings and eliminated Evil Lectins (ALL Grains, Nightshades, Peanuts, Cashews, Legumes) among other things.

Then again, to make it easier, most of what we avoid, seems to fall in the Top Allergen List also. These foods seem to be problematic, not just because they are allergenic, but also because of their other proteins and chemicals. They contain IGF-1 mimickers, and Insulin Mimickers, plus induce inflammation, harder to digest, reduce nutrient uptake, etc. So why not eliminate the BADDEST of the bad guys? ;-) There's still [B]plenty[/B] of other alternatives, so why not enjoy them?

Anyway, how are things now for you? Your skin, your allergies?

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