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......No matter what you do to treat your [B]chronic[/B] health problems (acne is one), you will probably always have to continue with that form of treatment if you wish to control or prevent it. The difference is for those with severe acne, topicals control (beats it back) and oral treatments prevent (stops from occuring). So I firmly believe that if you want the best treatments, you should take [I]something[/I] from your environment, and fight it from the inside =)

Has anyone ever noticed that with every medical treatment protocol, it always mentions eating a good balanced diet and reducing your sugar and fat intake??? That unfortunately is more than a mere suggestion. I've come across enough people with various health problems, but what sticks out the most is that those that truly work on improving their diets, rely on LESS or NO Medication/Supplements. While there's dozens of people I can name off, I myself am proof, Vortex is proof and Prometheus is proof that if you follow a hormonally & nutritionally balanced diet 100%, you'll need No medications or supplements what so ever!

I've played this game for over decade (16 years) and I know how a good amount of works now. I thought Birth Control would be the answer and it did reduce my Free Testosterone levels by 50% (thanks to it boosting SHBG levels), but my acne only decreased by 50%. I thought [U]adding[/U] Spironolactone to the mix would solve everything (blocks 30% of androgens) and reduced my hirsutism and my acne only another 30%. Of course, I was only 80% clear during the Summer...otherwise, I went back to being 60% clear during the Fall/Winter months because that's when our bodies naturally produce even MORE testostrone!

So 3 years later, I find out that this all due to being either Insulin Resistant or PCOS, they use the same drugs above as well as using Insulin Balancing Drugs (for Diabeties type II). I thought well hey, I'm already underwieght, why should I Low Carb, if I don't need to loose weight (over 2 years ago)???? LOL, I am beyond thankful that I ran into these boards, for I would still have that mentality and I wouldn't be where I am today now.

Well to answer my own question, you Low Carb, or rather reduce ore eliminate the consumption of foods that are REALLY good at producing Fats and Hormones, because....Duh, they produce they produce Hormones!

-Carbohydrates = Sugar = Fat ='s beautiful story, thats how it supposed to work.

-[B]BAD[/B] Carbohydrates = MORE Sugar = MORE Fat = Insulin Mimicking Hormones = IGF-1 Mimicking Chemicals = a Reduction in vital Hormones (IGFBP-3, IGFBP-2, SHBG) = a Reduction in Nutrient Metabolism (phytic acid, uric acid, oaxlic acid - anti-nutrients) = an Increase in unfavorable Hormones (Insulin, IGF-1, Androgens, DHT Enzymes, DHT) = an Increase in an unfavorable amount of Health Disorders.

That doesn't even include Dairy (a carb & a protein), certain types of Protein, and Bad Oils, but they generally do what Bad Carbohydrates do. So, I guess the POINT, since that's what we seem to be doing here, is that we eat:

A) Too Many of these Bad Carbohydrates, etc


B) We have No business eating these particular foods at all

I personally only care about what these particular foods do to us internally. I can tell you that the reason Diet worked so well for me and many others, was because we REDUCED our OVERALL [B]Production [/B] of these Hormones. Whereas, before my Diet was [U]antagonistic[/U] to the prescriptions that I was taking. Sure BC helped bind some Testosterone, and Spironolactone Helped BLOCK some androgens effects, and Avandia helped reduce some of my Insulin Resistance, but because [B]I was STILL eating (plenty of) the foods that were creating the Imbalance, they were NEVER effective enough! [/B]

I would have had to take more medication or higher doses to make them work and I was already pretty high. In fact my doctor wanted to increase my Avandia and we were looking to see if I had other hormonal problems (more medications). So I was at the point of potentially taking 30 pills a day (supplements and meds) and using several skin care products in hopes that would fix everything, but [I]I[/I] decided that changing my diet would be easier. Over the years, since I was 12, I had changed my diet 3x before and had failed, but I [U]never [/U] thought it was impossible. 18 months ago, I wasn't desperate, but FINALLY knowledgable and realized if this worked, I could not only save money, but regain some freedom I had lost. It took me months before it finally sunk in that my diet was working. I could see it, my menstrual cramps were gone, but because I had also increased my dose of Avandia (4mg), I didn't know what to give credit too. I was afraid to go off of Avandia, because I was in the middle of my breakout period (winter). Yet, for another reason I did.... and nothing bad happened =)

Oh, and another good example is taking Cholestorol Lowering Drugs. They tell you that you have to watch your diet, even though you are taking a drug that is supposed to do all the work. Usually a [U]Single[/U] Drug, can't do all the work and it probably wouldn't be neccessary if the person would watch what they ate. Yet, if the person improves his diet, his cholesterol improves. If the person completely altered his diet, not only would his cholestorol improve, but the medication no longer serves any purpose and thus is no longer needed. =)

Now I ask, why take medication to block the effects of something, when you can naturally reduce the amount you produce, by altering your diet? I can't guarantee that you can always reduce your sensitivity (to any amount), but I know you can reduce these hormones.

So, I blame the government, the Food Industry, and our Ancestors for the way we think about food today. Yet, once you become educated, the blame falls upon you. There is no guilt or stress, if you do all that you can, at that time, to improve your dietary circumstances. The more of us that FIGHT by boycotting these fast food places, etc because they offer [U]nothing[/U] that we can eat, or DEMAND that they change things, by eating their healthier options, or asking for foods to be prepared a certain way, then one day it won't be "Impossible" to do the right things. For, the Right thing will be all around us...and we'll have no choice ;-)

Anyway, sorry for this being so long (as usual), but I've been through a myriad of treatments, internal and external, and am open-minded enough to say that there IS more than one way to treat acne, etc. Yet, I also know that for a good percentage of us, if we had done the RIGHT things to begin with, we wouldn't need those other treatments. We wouldnt have the problems in the first place...

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