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I'm currently on three prescriptions. Benzaclin, Tazorac, and Triaz 3% bp wash. All topicals, so I don't have the ugly side effects of oral meds. In the morning, the first thing I do is take a shower, where I wash my face with Triaz. After I get out of the shower, I apply Benzaclin and wait till it dries. Then I apply Oil of Olay sensitive moisure therapy lotion (noncomedogenic). After THAT dries, I apply Clinique superfit foundation (oil free), then the rest of my make-up. In the evening, I wash my face with Triaz again, AGAIN apply my moisturizer, then apply Tazorac after it dries. It's a pain, but I've been 100% clear for a few months. Once in a LONG while, I'll feel a little bump, like what used to be the begining of a cyst... but it actually disappears before surfacing! I believe that Tazorac is the thing that is working.[/QUOTE]

Ahh, I see, you are one of those people ;-) He he, nah so how long have you had acne? Would you say that it is only facial, no body acne?

I vaguely remember Tazorac. It's supposed to help heal as well as lighten the marks left over, right? Is Benzacline a BP formula with a topical antibiotic?

To me if the above is true, than I wouldn't have any motivation to alter my diet either. I mean most of us that opt to change our diets do so because NONE of the other stuff worked or was EFFECTIVE enough =/

So, in a way, I am glad because my problems were deeper than just my skin, but that was one of the symptoms my body chose to show me. I had other problems and I knew that I wasn't going through normal bout of teenage puberty induced acne, etc.

If nothing else I hope that you don't take offense when you hear us post, because at the very least, we don't want those people that are dealing with other hormonal/health problems (may be unaware) to continue trying topicals or antibiotics when that isn't enough to solve their problems.

For me, if the doctors were more knowledgable or more compassionate, some of my problems would not have escalated to the point that they have. Just like Wieght Gain, Hirsutism & Androgenic Alopecia gets worse over the years, so the [B]sooner[/B] you can stop that, the better off you will be. You can eliminate acne at any age, but once you've accquired those fat cells and once your hair follicles have been sensitive to DHT, that NEVER goes least that's what they say. If you want those problems (100%) gone you'll have to follow a specific diet or use some sort of Topical and/or Oral Anti-androgen (prescription or herbal) to prevent sensitivity.

That's actually what you are using when you use Tazorac, I guess that's why you like it some much. It's a type of retinoid that acts as a topical DHT inhibitor (anti-androgen). I tell ya, I loved RetinA and Azelex (both retiniods), but when I switched to BC-Spiro (oral anti-androgens) and then started using non-pore clogging skincare, my skin looked just as good, if not better. Now my skin (face & body) looks amazing, and of course, you know what I'm know doing for that =)

Take care

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