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[quote]Hi all,

I'm new to the boards (for posting) though I've been reading for a bit. My background is that I'm 31 with adult acne (didn't suffer as a teenager), came on after my pregnancy. I've tried everything! Accutane cleared me up but caused keloid scars. All of the topicals might work temporarily, but wreck havoc with my skin, dry me out, etc.. I primarily suffer with breakouts around my chin/ seems like I have read this may mean it is hormonal. I am also greasy just all the darn time. Literally, I have not found one thing to counteract my oily skin. I have an appt. coming up in March to talk about birth control pills as an option. I have read several posts that make me think that may be a possibility for me.

My questions:

Can a woman take saw palmetto? If so, how much/often?

What supplement is most helpful with oily skin?

What immediate dietary changes can I make to help with oil skin/cysts? My diet has not been a good predictor thus far. For instance, I have had really bad acne while following an anti-inflammatory diet. What is the key? Or is there "one" key?

Is it true that if you find one regime that works, it will eventually stop working? For a while I was using Paula's Choice BHA 2% and AH, and had clear skin for about 2 months, then boom! No more.

Now I'm reading that maybe the key is to stop everything...stop washing with water, stop the harsh topicals...what success have people had with this regime?

For those with a history similar to mine, has BC helped? If so, how long did it take?

Thanks in advance!

Where diet is concerned, it is not so much about the key, but the lock. Everyone's lock is different. When you understand the lock, then you can find the right key. luckily, we have a sort of, one size fits all key to open your door to clear skin. It looks like this:

Add: Tons of steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, raw seeds, raw nuts. Small amounts of organic meat and occassional fully cooked Brown rice. Aim for 70% carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit.

-Hydrogenated oils, refined or hot pressed oils, and heated vegetable oils
-Grains: refined/processed/enriched or gluten containing grains (wheat, barley, oats, etc)
-Refined sugar and sucrose
-Cooked eggs (didn't try them raw. The followers of the Wai diet who have healed their acne eat raw eggs.)
-Non-organic, conventional meats and luncheon, "cured" meats. Most red meats
-Most packaged goods so that excludes a good amount of artificial preservatives, flavorings, and chemical dyes.
-Medications(talk to your doctor), especially including aspirins.
-alcohol, drugs, stimulants, caffeine, etc. If you smoke and can't stop (although fasting has been known to make people quit), switch to natural tobacco which you wrap yourself.

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