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Let me just say, you have a LONG WAYS to go. :wave: Let me tell you my success story on accutane. I am a 26/f. I started accutane in July 03 finished up Dec 29 03. So I have been accutane free since New Years. :)

Since stopping the acctutane my face has gotten even better, its not sensitive. ITS NORMAL. Its wonderful! :cool:

I really didn't see improvement until Thanksgiving. And even then I felt like I was walking on egg-shells. The best thing to do is forget about it, and don't keep looking at it. It does take time to complete the process. Its only been 3-4 days for you, its going to get worse before it gets better.

I used Cetaphil Cleanser for the 1st few weeks, then I found Eurcerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. Works great. After about 12 weeks I still was breaking out a little, so I bought some Neutreogena clear-pore Cleanser/Mask, I used it in certain areas, to kill any bacteria lurking. It seemed to clear right up, but may have been coindence.

But I have to say it took the full 4-5 months to see any real improvement.

I had dry nose and eyes, and some rough patches on my skin, but i used Aquaphor, vaseline and lotion. But i didn't really consider this to be a problem.

NOW my skin is awesome!! no oil!!!
I still use the Cetaphil cleanser, eucerin,
ANd now I use some Freeman Avocado cleanser, ST. Ives gentle scrub. I like to break up the routine. Sometimes I use proactiv.
For a mask I use Queen Helene Mint Julip, and Freeman avocado mask.
For a toner I like Burts bees tomato toner, Mary kay Purifying toner, and proactiv. I even sometimes use some BP 2.5 all over my face.

Oh and also take vitamin E.
And also when you take the accutane pill, i drank whole milk with it, because accutane is fat soluable, so it'll work better.

Melissa Ann :angel:

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