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[QUOTE=ItsAll2easy27]I just started too man, Im on my 4th day, we should keep each other updated on our progress. what dosgage are you on. im on 40mg in the Am and 20mg in the PM. my face is kinda red and feels very sensitve my lips are starting to get a little dry, i also noticed that i have alot of whiteheads that turn into flakes after a couple days.[/QUOTE]

Definitely. I'm on 40mg a day, 20 in the morning and 20 at night. I was prescribed 60 but thought that was too much for my weight and since I dont have severe acne. As for my face, its basically normal in all respects except that its oiler than before and I'm breaking out more than usual.

What products are you using? I'm using Cetaphil face wash and lotion, both are REALLY good. It helps to put the lotion on when your face is still damp. For my lips I'm using Aquaphor. It's shiny but it moisturizes really well, I basically keep a coat of it on my lips 24/7. Good thing is it doesn't really build up into that filmy crap that other chapsticks do. For my nose I'm using Vaseline to make sure it doesnt bleed... it started bleeding like the 2nd or 3rd day when I wasn't using it but the Vaseline has stopped it completely.

I'm drinking about 60-70 Fl Oz of water per day. Don't know how much this helps or if its enough but its about all I can drink. Also, I'm taking 400IU's of Vitamin E in the afternoon. Apparently it's good to take V. E while on Accutane cause it helps repair the skin or something like that.
[QUOTE=triggert]Is it ok to take supplements for vitamin E or try and get it naturally? I've read that, quote, "the alpha-tocopherol in most vitamin E supplements and in fortified foods is man-made - a synthetic form that's only half as potent as the naturally occurring vitamin E found in foods. And it's possible to get too much vitamin E from dietary supplements, too." How much is a safe amount of vitamin E to take daily? I don't need to harm myself more than the Accutane already is!


You can't get anywhere near the amount of Vitamin E in supplements thru food. While I have heard that synthetic Vitamin E may be less potent, but even at half the potency you'll still get a lot more from a snythetic vitamin than from food. Either way there are supplements that use natural Vitamin E, just look for the word Natural on the bottle, and then in the back look for a d before alpha-tocopherol, that means it comes from natural sources. If you see dl then its synthetic.

The range that most people should take is between 400-800 IU's. I take 400 a day. As long as you don't take over 800 IU's a day you'll be fine.

[Quote]Skeet: I changed to wash without water, and it definitely decreased the flakies on my skin, but I also changed to slather on heaps of cetaphil moisturiser afterwards, so I'm not sure which one helped more! It sounds like it was the change in routine that stopped you being so dry - seen as you were worse before changing. Remember that it's only been two weeks, it may not be doing all that much yet anyway. Also remember that by moisturising even when you're not dry, you're preventing your face from -becoming- dry, so it's all good.[/Quote]

Thanks j54. Made me feel better, lol. :bouncing:

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