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I have read thru many of the posts here, and many of you are more knowledgeable that I.

I have been to dermitologists before, but they never told me this. What exact type of acne do I have? I "think" that I have cystic, but I'm not actually sure.

What I do know is that I have to pick at it.. I know, I know.. every where I read is "don't pick!!!".. but if I don't, then it doesn't go away.. There is like a Core, that I have to physically pull out. I've had some "cores" (for lack of a better term) that were as wide as a pinhead (the ones with the bubble on top, not the flat) and have a few others that were about 1/4 cm in length. (Those are the really tough ones to get out, because they're so deep)..

I have tried not picking, I didn't pick one for over a year, and it didn't go away. The skin over it was dry and scale-ish.. but, didn't change, and the bump of course didn't go away.. After a year, I finally went back to digging at it, and got it out.. The core, reminds me of chickenbone cartilidge.. rather strong and kind of rubbery.

Other times, I've pulled/popped out hard ones that resemble a seed of some sort, that are really hard, that I can't even dent them with my fingernails.

I do not have them all over my face, so I guess that I am lucky in that. But usually have at least one going.. Right now I have two. One on each cheek. (Which is "really" noticeable!) Which where I usually get them.. But have gotten them in other places as well.

I've gone thru the tetracycline, the Retina-A, and some other topical antibiotic that I don't remember at the moment. None of them really helped. The last time I went to the Derm, he wanted me to think about Accutane, but reading the list of side-effects scared me away from it.. And I have gone no further.

I have more questions.. but I think I'll just start with this one first.. Can anyone tell me what kind of Acne I have?

just for reference, I am female, 35, and didn't really have very many breakouts when I was a teenager. I started getting these in my mid-20's.

Thanks in advance..


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