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I have been on Yasmin for 3 months and I take it to make my acne gone. Actually I don't see any results. My skin still looks the same. I just want to ask if Yasmin helped any of you and how long it took till the moment your skin was really clear.
I would like to know the same thing! I am considering going on Yasmin for my skin but have recently heard a lot of bad things about it. Has it worked for anyone???
It took 4-5 months for my skin to clear up with Yasmin. But I also was taking Spiro. I am now on just Yasmin and my skin is great! Don't give up yet!
My experience was the same as debbi's. It took about 4 months for my skin to get clear with Yasmin, but I wasn't also on Spiro.

Remember, Yasmin will affect everyone differently!! There is no "one" answer!!
I took yasmin just cause i was having a hard time finding a pill that didn't break out my skin!! Even ortho-tricycline made my skin worse!!! I didn't know that Yasmin was used to help skin. LOL Then about 2 months into i started to notice an improvment and i stopped using the minocycline to see if it was that or yasmin working. I have been off mino for 4 months now. I usually break out bad when i start. I started 3 days ago and i have 1 tiny blemish and that is it. I love it!!

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