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[QUOTE=Shy One]I'd like to go to an Endocrinologist but I just don't know where to find one around here and I really have no money. I'm 19 and have no insurance. I'm even cutting it close with the Yasmin costing 30.00 a month along with other things I have to pay. The BP she prescribed was 90.00! Isn't that crazy?? So I couldn't get that. Parents won't really help me out because they think the acne will just go away. As much as i've told them, they don't know how much it bothers me.[/QUOTE]

Well it could go away, how long have you had it? As for your insurance, why don't you purchase Student Health Insurance from your school? I'm under Mega Life Insurance and basically it's free everything at the Student Health center and I pay up to $5 for prescriptions ($500 cap) and 20% at a Network Provider Hospital (40% outside). A year my cost is under $800 and I dont' have to meet the $200 deductible if I go use the Student Health Center. I have a referrel right now to see an Endo and I may have to do that if I decide to go back on Spiro.

You really cant' get a better deal than Student Health Insurance [U]from[/U] your school. Although my friend, her school provides the same insurance company, but if she were to get insurance, it would cost her nearly $1200! The difference? She would basically be prepaying for services she may never use. She gets free checkups, etc at her provider hospital, but she has to pay a $10 Copay at the student health center. So I'm not sure which plan your school will choose, but I really like mine. I actually have an appt. with my school Nutritionist to check to see if I'm getting all my nutrients since I changed my diet and it won't cost me anything (I think).

If money is an issue...don't your parents have health insurance? As long as you are in school you are covered by your parents (if they have the family plan) until you are 23. Otherwise, do you work? To save money breaking the cost into 1 or 2 payments is a good idea, but they do allow you to purchase insurance PER semester! Those Tests are going to cost you big money, more money than the insurance would. So even if you could only afford to purchase insurance for 1 semester, it's worth it. Go see the Endo, get the tests and see what happens.

Say, do you have any other signs of a hormonal balance? Weight problems, menstrual problems, hirsutism?

Wish you the best

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