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i still like looking at girls but since my sex hormones are supressed i cant get sexual aroused by anything.yes my skin is not oily anymore.i perspire a lot less.i used to have dandruff but no more.its a decision you would have to make and a hard one at that.maybe you could be on a low carb diet and maybe just 25 mgs of wont probably get 100 clear but you wouldnt get steril you can still love a girl but if your on like 100 mgs or more a day for long periods you wont be able to have sexual could still hugg and kiss and stuff like that.i get my spiro at wal-mart and its not that much generic.i have seen it on the internet for 30 dollars for 100.....100mg tabs.especially if your under 30 this is a tough decision to make.i really dont mind it because i no longer have to put up with painful cysts.only spiro and accutane stopped my face from getting oily.the first course of accutane i had cleared my skin up for about 10 months to a year.its been so long ago i cant 1982 when it first came out but after that my skin was as bad as ever and the second course did nothing at good thing about spiro i can be slobby and still look great!

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