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Hi there. I am so happy I found this board. I am hoping you will be the light at the end of the tunnel! Let me tell you about me. I am 24 years old and up until September, I was always told I had amazing skin and my complexion was like a baby's. Well MY how things have changed. I think it is due to stress... I am in my 2 years of teaching 3rd grade and it is so stressful, plus I am about to start grad school, and i got my own apartment and am having money issues. This is probably what triggered the acne. I dont have it all over my face. I have been broken out on my chin since September, and now I have little ones on my forehead. But b/c I have had generally very clear skin, it is VERY noticeable. Plus, I am blotchy and dry. So, my dermatologist started me on Rozex (b/c apparently I have mild Roascea) and Retin-A Micro .04% I am also washing my face with Cetaphil facial cleanser and my body with cetaphil bar soap. I am moisturizing with Oil of Olay All Day for Sensitive Skin and using Eucerin lotion for my body. My doctor told me to use Rozex each night, then start Retin-A twice a week, then gradually increase to once every other night. WELL, I used it for the FIRST time Monday night, and now, Wednesday, my face is peeling ALL OVER. I only used it that one time. I may have gotten a few more zits too. But the peeling is hideous.
My problem is, I have a date on Saturday! I have been looking forward to this for a long time... and I am honestly considering cancelling if I cant get this peeling taken care of. I know it is supposed to pell, b/c it is exfoliating, and if I didnt have plans this weekend, I'd deal. My dermatologist is on vacation this week, so I cant ask her. I put vaseline on my chin before, but I think its too thick and pore clogging, Oil of Olay doesnt seem to be helping b/c its too severe right now. My apricot scrub made it worse.
I read something about mixing Cetaphil with sugar or baking soda??? Can someone explain this for me! Plus, is Retin-A Micro worth all this drama? Its not like I ever had severe acne all over my face, but I feel like there is a chance I could get worse from these side affects. I am sooo sorry for the LONG post, but I am so upset. And I dont wanna cancel my date :( Please help!!!!!!!

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