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[QUOTE=noaccutane]i have been a very strict vegetarian since i was 5. yes 5 believe it or not, no one in my family is vegetarian, but at head start one day the teacher was discussing the negatives of meat and i decided i didn't want to eat meat ever again. i am 19 y/o now and been vegetarian ever since. i'm sure it is hard to believe since you don't know me, but i haven't had any kind meat in almost 15 years (exception is gelatin pills; the coatings are made from animal connective tissue, and a few times restaurants have messed up, but i quickly discovered after a few bites) i eat tons of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. i am very strict and read the ingredients on everything. you mentioned fish, i do not eat fish of course, but i eat/drink plenty of the other things you mentioned. i do not eat fried foods often (maybe 5 or 6 times a year) but i use oils (olive, truffle, etc) in a lot of my foods. the last time i had pop was over a year ago. i naturally just hate the taste of chocolate/sweet foods, so i don't eat those either. sorry to break the news, but i am 19 and have had bad acne the last 5-6 years and still do. a healthy diet helps with a lot of other medical problems, but i can confidently say it has not helped my acne. if it does help my acne and i don't know it, then i don't even want to know what i would look like eatting meat and other foods that normal people eat.[/QUOTE]

hi and thanks for the information
i just read your message about accutane and i am so happy you let other people know..
i am also very sorry for the situation, (i was so frustrated after reading your message) but try to be calm, just think it is a bad period of your life..
i know how you feel, i had back acne, i am female, and you cannot imagine how :o
i felt each time i had sex with my boyfriend. i have no words to express my feelings even in my language.
your body needs to detox now..
i practise meditation and i know it can help acne(and not only acne). have you ever thought about that?

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