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[QUOTE=DeeKaren]Am sorry i don't have a new cure/treatment/diet for this s.o.b. to post but i feel like i just have to vent...
It's amazing what 5 big red spots on my face will do to my self-esteem.
i don't wanna go to school. i don't wanna face people. i don't wanna leave the house.
The first thing i see in the a.m. is depressing. Same for the last thing i see at night.
It's affecting my schoolwork, my social life, everything.
(doesn't help that the spots take forever to fade)
Got a dalacin and differin prescription on saturday when the spots got big. Today- almost a week later- they're as big and red as they were at the beginning. :(

p/s realize how much you know about skin/products/acne when u suffer from it?[/QUOTE]

First off, are these big red spots cysts? How long have you had acne? I know when I was younger, I had acne that I thought was the end of the world too. I did'nt mess with OTC (over the counter) products, I just went straight to the derm and had him prescribe me something. Well, I wish i could have taken that back. I have tried almost every cream out there and I have come to one conclusion, Derms dont know their head from their a$$. If I were you, I would stick to a regime. For instance, a facial wash twice every day, maybe a bp and moisturize. Remember to moisturize though! Your face will not get any better if it is dry because then your sebacioius glands produce twice as much oil!! So, its very important to keep ur face nice and smooth. But, of course dont use a clogging moisturizer.
Heres an example of my regime:
I use Stridex foam cleanser twice a day
I use bp on the spots in the morning followed by a moisturizer
I eat very healthy also. And just from doing that, my face looks much better.
Remember, its very hard to think positive when you are dealing with acne, but being depressed and negative will only make things worse. Keep your head up, and you can always find support on this board! :)

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