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I have a nose full of blackheads, pimples all over my right cheek, and an ugly scar form a cyst right on my chin. I'm not imagining these, they're REAL. [/QUOTE]

Dude, that is weird as ****....My face is the exact same, my left side is clearing real good, even the scares are fading. But on my right side i have like 5 red buggers. And a re-occuring cyst in my chin, that even gets some cysts next to the first one and they form into like one cyst. Its been on my chin for 1 and a half months now. Its just now starting to heal with me drowning with 10% bp cream. My blackheads on my nose are doing better since ive used a peel off mask a couple of times. But that is so weird, i even try to sleep on my left side so i don't get any more on my right side. :P But that seems not to change the breakouts.

I haven't recently had any bad breakouts just my gd chin and a few on my right side. I myself hate people telling me i get my acne cause i worry about it so much. I also hate when people that have never had acne tell me what im doing Anyways I just wanted to post because your face sounds exact as weird. :)

Anyways, ive started to use the Cetaphil without water and havn't noticed any new breakouts for 5 days. (knock on wood) Just try to keep your face moisturized if your not doing that. That has helped me out a lot, I think my cystic acne came from when i used proactive. Made my face so dry (i used a lot of their face lotion..that has bp in it so it made it worse) and so my face decided to fight back with more Well i think I might have gotten the oil under control, been taking 2grams of b-5 for about a month, my face isnt that oily so im assuming it is that combined with proper moisturizing.

Water is the only thing i drink, so that might help too. Im still trying to understand all this acne crap, but i think im starting to win my battle with it, or at least give it some good competition now.

Good Luck with your face, also if you pop your cysts ( i know im not going to walk around with huge whitehead on my face) i put peroxide or alcohol on it then poke with needle real lightly and barely squeeze to get the crap out. Then i put some more alcohol or peroxide on it, then clean face like normal a little later...seems to help me.. But do what you know is working for you.

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