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Originally Posted by prometheus
Heya Cappy,

My question for you would be what is the rest of your diet like? I know carrots are very high in natural sugar and can promote inflammation, but no the juices should be helping and not making things worse. I don't think that either the sauna or the juices should have made it worse but one or both of them did (any other supplements?). It perhaps encouraged your body to eliminate more toxins via the skin (or steam encouraging bacteria?). If I gave you specific juice combinations to try, would you try them?

Yes I would try aloe vera. Flax is controversial.

Prometheus, The rest of my diet can vary wildly. From pizza to mixed veggies steamed. I juiced every day for 2 months, with carrots always as the base of my juice. I drank OJ every day and blended it with frozen blueberries, one of my favorites. As for eating, it mostly comes down to time. I am single and work full time, and cooking a healthy meal is not always feasable. I am interested in the the idea of fasting to cleanse, but I work out regularly, and need a good source of protein to keep muscle growth positive and not catabolic. I believe that what we eat has the power to cure all ailments, regardless of what science has or has not proven. I believe that God has supplied all necessary nutrients to live a long and healthy life. I also believe that most of one's diet should come from vegetables, fruits, and all things natural.
However, convenience sometimes plays the lead role in my diet, eating quick highly processed foods. YES I would definitely try the juice recipes! I not only want to clear my acne, but also want to live a healthy life physically and mentally.
My acne is not so severe, but it was at one time, leaving rolling scars and red marks on my face. It doesn't take a very big breakout to enhance the rough look of these scars, making it hard to face myself in the mirror.
I'm open to anything at this point. I know that eating healthy has to help, it definitely cannot hurt. I am considering though a topical product or something for the scars, which is why I asked about aloe. I have used a 100% gel free of dyes or additives, and it really tightened my skin at first, giving the scars a much less dramatic appearance, but after time the texture returned to normal, so I haven't used it for awhile. I am considering Retin-A. I have used it before, and it softened some of my scars, and sent my acne into remission, but it returned within a year of stopping use.
I really appreciate your time, advice, and insight.

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