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Can it be used while you have active acne?
I'm on Accutane right now for the second time and have a very serious scarring.
Wow! Lot's of questions. Lets see if I can cover some of them. First of all, I saw someone say that they sell some fruit of the earth aloe vera at Walmart. That is correct, however, make sure you get the 100% aloe vera. Fruit of the earth also sells aloe vera mixes for sunburn which come in green and blue forms which are more abundant at walmart. These are not the ones you want. They can contain chemicals that can irritate your acne. It is cheapest to get acne at a store, because it can be outrageous online. However, check google for fruit of the earth if you want to be safe. (the sunburn stuff will work, but it has artificial colors and other stuff in it that isn't necesarry.) The aloe vera you want is completely clear.

Second, someone asked about using aloe vera with active acne. The answer is yes. In fact, Aloe vera can be effective in treating acne if you still have it. Here's another suggestion. If you get the fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera, you should try adding niacinamide. This is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Niacinamide has been proven to be one of the most effective topical treatments for acne, but it's outragiously priced, so it's best to make your own. If you want to fight the acne and the scars at the same time, buy some nicainamide 500mg capsules (great price at vitamin shoppe.) Measure out 2 ounces of the aloe vera and then add the powder from five niacinamide capsules and mix it thourougly. This is a great topical treatment that starts working in a few days. I Figured I'd mention that for those of you who want to use aloe vera on active acne.

No matter how hard this stuff is to get, you should try as hard as you can to get your hands on it. It lasts a long time, has no serious side effects (apart from tight skin at times). GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MMann16 - Lots of helpful advice! Thanks!

I do have a few questions about nicainamide. What exactly is the purpose of it? Is it only used for acne, or does it have other benefits? Can it be used at the same time as other topicals?

I am currently using Duac topical gel at night and would not want to make my skin irritated! Does the nicainamide have the same effects on acne that B5 does? I have heard some good things about B5 and was interested in getting that as well! If you or anyone else can answer my questions I would appreciate it! Thanks again! :angel:
[QUOTE=Mmann16]It is cheapest to get acne at a store, because it can be outrageous online.[/QUOTE]

damn, i didn't know they sold acne. :D

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