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[quote]Originally posted by bluetonic:

Yes, definitely, it does work better if you use it twice a day. It also depends on ur skin types as well. But when u cleanse your face with a cleanser, make sure you limit to twice a day before applying egg yolk. For added benefit, i recommend adding baking soda to ur cleanser.

I dont use egg whites alone.. sometimes i add a little to the egg yolk. Egg white can cause breakout.[/b][/quote]

bluetonic- i've been using the egg yolk mask for about 2 weeks now. it's helping a whole lot with red marks and i'm not getting any big pimples anymore :) but i have several very tiny pimples on my forehead and chin. (before i started using the yolk i broke out mostly on my cheeks and only mildly on my forehead and chin...)

what would you suggest? should i use benzoyl peroxide after the mask (i don't really want to since it really dries out my skin but if that's what it takes...)? or should i start using the yolk twice a day? i figure my acne was probably worse than most of the people using the mask- people with moderate acne are probably scared to try egg yolk, so it might take me a little bit longer than it has for the rest of the yolk-users.

any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
I'm going to have to stop using this mask.
At first it was helping but now it just doesn't help anymore. In total I've used it for about 6 weeks almost everyday.
The first 2 weeks went by good, but after that I still kept gettin all of these papules and pustules which were hard to manage. So I'm just going to stop it completely.

Almost everything I put on my face loses it's effectiveness after two weeks. So I'm going to continue taking supplements and using Spectro Jel to wash my face, because it's the only thing that has been working so far, even after using it for 2 months already. I've tried Neutrogena oil free acne wash, but it made my face dry and red after 2 weeks.

I've been taking:
-500 mg Timed Released Vitamin C
-50 mg Timed Released Zinc
-Super Strain Acidophilus with 5 billion active cells
-1000 mg Flax Seed Oil

So far This has been working for me, and it's only been 2 weeks. The zinc did make my acne worse before it got better, but now I get less breakouts and it had has helped with red marks. I hope that after 3 months I will be completely clear.

Hope that helps. Take care of yourself...

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